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DJ Bone, Sunday Morning/Sunday Night

If you’re an avid LWE reader you may remember DJ Bone’s debut for then unheard of Sect Records that arrived mysteriously in a plain white CD sleeve, which had staff and readers alike speculating over its provenance. Nearly two years on, Sect has introduced the wider world to aspiring techno artists such as Grovskopa, Jolka and even Bone’s own daughter, Aleckxis Jaina — -as well as serving as a reintroduction to the underrated D Knox. Bone, on the other hand, has been keeping steady with his own Subject Detroit label, almost single-handly keeping techno (in a purist’s sense) alive in his hometown.

LWE Podcast 07: DJ Bone retiring this week

This week DJ Bone’s restless, thumping LWE Podcast is making its way into the archives. Don’t miss this whirlwind tour through the sounds of Subject Detroit — download it here before the file is taken down on Friday, February 26th at 10am CST.

The Future/The Foster Kidz, They Call Me

It was pretty easy to spot the kids at school whose parents helped them with their homework. You’d be standing in front of the class proudly displaying your latest portrait of a family member, your sister’s limbs appearing miraculously from her amorphous blob of a body, her hair five shocked strands of pencil colored wire. Then one of the so-called wunderkinds steps up with a perfectly executed scene of their entire family at the dinner table, lounging with some air of ethereal pre-Raphaelite grace, their togas delicately draped to preserve their modesty. And so it is with the latest from Sect Records, whose third release is supposedly the result of the pre-pubescent offspring of two of techno’s finest producers.

DJ Bone, Circus World EP

[Subject Detroit] What sets apart DJ Bone and, indeed, his label Subject Detroit, from the pack is the rawness and energy coursing through their numerous releases. In “No Sleep (True To Da Roots),” Bone’s jaw-dropping EP for Sect Records, this was embodied in the hands-on method with which the tracks were arranged, each gridless rhythm […]

LWE Podcast 07: DJ Bone

When we finally figured out that Detroit’s DJ Bone was behind “No Sleep (True To Da Roots),” the first mysteriously launched release from Sect Records, it was only a matter of time before we rifled through his deep back catalog and saw a long history of quality tunes. Would his fast and furious producing style carry over to his DJ sets? The answer is loud and furiously clear in this exclusive mix which provides a sweat-inducing overview of Bone’s label, Subject Detroit. Try to keep up.