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    Tag Archive: kuri

    Soul 223, Almost Like It Used To Be

    Steve Pickton’s Soul 223 moniker returns six years after making its debut, arriving on Delsin with a strengthened sense of purpose.

    Mr. Beatnick, Sun Goddess EP

    On the Sun Goddess EP for Don’t Be Afraid, Mr. Beatnick hones his sample craft to elevate his productions.

    Ka§par, Ode To The Ancients EP

    Ka§par’s Ode To The Ancients EP on frequent home Groovement stays close to his established sound but offers some intriguing bypasses, as well.

    Raiders of the Lost Arp, Battlestar EP

    Raiders of the Lost Arp returns to form on the Battlestar EP by finally releasing the long anticipated “Night Theme” on Lunar Disko Records.

    Alex Israel, Walking To Guntersville

    Alex Israel’s first physical 12″ displays a confident versatility which compliments the already heterogeneous back catalog of W.T. Records.

    Global Communication, Back In The Box

    Global Communication’s Back In The Box mix is essentially a look at what they were measuring themselves against and spinning during their burgeoning production years.

    MD, It Ain’t What It Used To Be

    Add MD’s It Ain’t What It Used To Be to the list of white labels that offer pure quality in the place of identity.

    Leonid Nevermind, Light Is Here EP

    Three years on and Leonid Nevermind’s Light Is Here EP for Nowar appears to be a major course correction pushing him in the right direction.

    Jorge C, A Little Beat

    A Little Beat, the newest release from Ojo de Apolo, strikes a path somewhere between the label’s early minimal techno and its newer deep house sounds. DJ Sprinkles is on remix duty.

    Various Artists, Abstract Art Vol. 1

    Abstract Art Vol. 1 features Keith Worthy and also two new names to the label — Michal Wierzchowski and Nick Agha — who are likely unknown to even the most dedicated house/techno heads.

    Dijkhuis, Dijkhuis #1

    Although the identity of Dijkhuis is unknown, what’s clear on Dijkhuis #1 is that they’re comfortable working with a variety of styles.

    DaRand Land, Foregrounds And Backgrounds

    After several years and a cross-country move, DaRand Land’s Foregrounds And Backgrounds for Downbeat finds the producer picking up right where he left off.

    Talking Shopcast with Delsin

    LWE caught up with Marsel van der Wielen to reflect on the long, strange journey Delsin has taken and where he sees it leading to next. We also drafted Delsin/Ann Aimee signing Delta Funktionen to mix together Talking Shopcast 10 as a special treat.

    LWE’s Top 5 Reissues of 2010

    Brendon Moeller, Close Up EP

    With the Close Up EP, Brendon Moeller’s dub strains help bring Ann Aimee a littler closer to the label’s roots.

    Arne Weinberg, Integrity Constraint Part 1

    The first in a series of singles for aDepth Audio, Arne Weinberg’s Integrity Constraint Part 1 continues his explorations of a rich vein of deep techno.

    BBH: Vincent Floyd, I Dream You

    Vincent Floyd’s 1991 release for Dance Mania, I Dream You, stands as one of the deepest examples of Chicago house.

    LWE Podcast 55: The Oliverwho Factory

    The Detroit duo of Daryl and Shone Caliman, better known as The Oliverwho Factory, have developed a sound that while rough and raw production-wise, is beaming with warmth, character and soul. In our interview The Oliverwho Factory acknowledge that substituting of limelight for midnight oil is not in the cards. And while neither is exactly a DJ, the pair recorded their first exclusive podcast mix that narrates where they’ve been and where they’re headed.

    Red Rack’em, Exhalt/Underground

    On his first release for London-based Shift, Red Rack’em shows a deft hand at keeping us guessing on what actually qualifies as deep house these days.

    BBH: Ross 154, Until My Heart Stops…

    Listening to Delsin’s reissue of Until My Heart Stops… by Ross 154, born as Jochem Peteri but best known as Newworldaquarium, trying to pin down its exact origins blindly gets a little tricky.