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Little White Earbuds Presents MMM

LWE recently put some questions to MMM and found out more about their approach to making music, Erik’s involvement in creating soft synths for Native Instruments, and what each of the producers have in store for us with their solo projects and as MMM. They also gave us an advance preview of their forthcoming treats with an exclusive mix of their own work and that of some of their favored peers.

MMM, Que Barbaro

MMM’s sixth record continues their run of spacious rave starters, taking some of the cues from their incredible Shangaan Electro remix and resulting in their strongest outing since “Donna.”

Fiedel, Ferro

While the Berghain residents are hardly the monochromatic group of “dark, relentless techno” DJs some make them out to be, Fiedel still stands out as a bit of an oddball.

Erik & Fiedel, Nous Sommes MMM

Every once in a while a record comes along that changes things entirely. OK, perhaps MMM’s Donna, first released in 1997, didn’t quite change electronic music as we know it, but it was a deliciously raucous slice of near-perfect raved-up techno. Erik (Errorsmith) and Fiedel are hardly a prolific duo, releasing only their fourth record, Nous Sommes MMM, two years after their third and a full 13 years after Donna. What they lack in quantity of tunes they most assuredly make up for in the quality of their productions, which will all but transform any club environment into a dusty old warehouse located on the outskirts of town.