MMM, Que Barbaro


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After over a decade spent operating at a near whisper, MMM seem to be hitting something of a stride recently. Fiedel has started unleashing some very good solo records and continues to play a strong role on Berghain’s residents roster, while Errorsmith has been reissuing some of his influential and much-loved DJ tools, which carry the same potency in 2013 as they did in 2003. The pair’s sixth record continues their run of spacious rave starters, but takes some of the cues from their incredible Shangaan Electro remix and results in the strongest MMM outing since “Donna.” “Que Barbaro” on the A-side pairs a skipping rhythm with earth-shaking subs and guitars that seem ripped right out of classic Smith N Hack records, doing the job you expect MMM records to do admirably.

MMM, “Casio Dub”

But the real reason you’re here is the incredible B-side. “Casio Dub” is easily the most relaxed thing the duo have ever done together, but rather than subvert the pair’s rave-y identity, it distills it into a potent, heady blend. The skipping rhythm is still there, but the bass line now operates in a near vacuum, accompanied solely by slowly modulating delayed guitar chords. Bass notes that would sound understated on Erik + Fiedel’s other records are crystal clear here, content to walk around and explore the space they’ve created. As opposed to past MMM records, the space here no longer reminds of the massive power plant of Berghain but instead of an open-air field, giving “Casio Dub” a sense of levity typically absent from MMM’s bigger-room tunes. It suits them well, and coupled with the quirky guitar licks of the A-side makes for a record sure to find a home in many a DJ’s bag this summer.


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