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LWE Podcast 94: Fudge Fingas is archived this week

LWE’s 94th podcast by Fudge Fingas featured a timeless collection of old and new tracks that will make you get your funk and dance on until the end. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, August 3rd.

LWE Podcast 94: Fudge Fingas

LWE caught up with Fudge Fingas to find out more about the making of the album, the evolution of his sound and why he won’t be using his other moniker Vin Landers any time soon. He also plied us with our 94th exclusive podcast, a timeless collection of treasures both old and new.

Fudge Fingas, Now About How

Fudge Fingas’ Now About How is an engaging curiosity that rewards close listening and a worthy entry in my imaginary canon of British whimsy.

Fudge Fingas, About Time

“A lot of people have to work. You gotta go home, you take a bath. A lot of people, you go home and fuck your wife. A lot of people go home, you cut your grass. I go home, and I fuck that motherfuckin’ MPC all fuckin’ night.” I was thinking about Kenny Dixon Jr’s recent eruditions on domesticity and art while listening to Fudge Fingas’ “It’s About Time.” It deals with the quotidian problems of part-time music making; what if when you get home from a hard day at the office, you’re are just too worn out, or lack the inspiration, to “fuck your MPC,” or for that matter, your significant other?

Little White Earbuds March Charts 2010

01. Gerd, “Freedom” [Royal Oak] (buy)
02. Fudge Fingas, “Mmm Hmm”
[Prime Numbers] (buy)
03. Sandman ft. Jeremy Ellis, “Feed Your Mind” (John Beltran & Riverside remix) [FastFWD]
04. Ray Mang, “Look Into My Eyes” [DFA] (buy)
05. Kuniyuki Takahashi, “Deep Love”
[Mule Electronic] (buy)
06. Kyle Hall, “Kaychunk” [Hyperdub] (buy)
07. Jason Fine, “Many To Many” (Ben Klock remix) [Kontra Musik] (buy)
08. Tevo Howard, “The Glass Ceiling” (Full Edit)
[Hour House Is Your Rush] (buy)
09. Scuba, “Heavy Machinery”
[Hotflush Recordings] (buy)
10. James Blake, “Buzzard and Kestrel”
[Hessle Audio] (buy)