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LWE Podcast 175: Linkwood

LWE approached Linkwood to find out more about his musical background, how his engineering work influences his own productions and to get the low down on his forthcoming sophomore album. We also charged him with putting together our 175th exclusive podcast; an incredible mix of forthcoming gems and contemporary classics from himself and his peers.

LWE Podcast 94: Fudge Fingas is archived this week

LWE’s 94th podcast by Fudge Fingas featured a timeless collection of old and new tracks that will make you get your funk and dance on until the end. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, August 3rd.

LWE Podcast 94: Fudge Fingas

LWE caught up with Fudge Fingas to find out more about the making of the album, the evolution of his sound and why he won’t be using his other moniker Vin Landers any time soon. He also plied us with our 94th exclusive podcast, a timeless collection of treasures both old and new.

Linkwood Family, Miles Away (Intrusion Dubs)

When used as an adjective to describe music, “deep” means different things to different people. While the exact definition has proven to be elusive and subject to some contentious discussions in the dance community, most agree you know a record is “deep” when you hear it. Case in point: the original version of Linkwood Family’s “Miles Away” is deep. The debut release on the Firecracker imprint that found its way into the crates of everyone from Derrick May to Moodymann started with a mournful Miles Davis-esque trumpet solo over some lonesome keys and moved into a late-night house bounce and a vocal line bordering on torch song territory. Soulful, jazzy, warm, and melancholy, “Miles Away” featured all the hallmarks of a “deep house” record and then some.