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Mike Monday, Yoppul

For the past decade the oft underrated U.K. producer Mike Monday has been busy dropping inspired remixes and tracks which range from understated to bleeding obvious. For those who know his style, the phrase “house music with a splash of humour” tends to ring pretty true. His tracks are all wonk and weirdness twinned with rudely competent production which befits an Oxford music production graduate. And as he’s found his releases on a number of labels of note, from Freerange, Simple, Buzzin Fly and even Om, it’s apparent that label owners are rather partial to his idiosyncratic take on house. This time it’s the Get Physical crew who buy into the Mike Monday experience with Yoppul on their Get Digital imprint. Once again it’s rather impressive, if not as memorable as his releases on Playtime.

Paul Frick, mixes and more

Sometimes I think electronic music, especially and techno and house, can be a sinkhole refuge of musical taste for musicians and music fans fed up with pop, rock and rap. Personally, I became increasingly frustrated with the stale state of contemporary rock, rap and soul in 2006 and fell in deep for house and techno. […]

Download Williams January 08 Mix

Photo by Marc Riboud Glasgow-based producer Williams (William Threlfall) has emerged from his laboratory with two new singles in hand after a quiet year. He’s updated Tangerine Dream’s “Love On a Real Train” for his own label, Love Triangle; it hits shelves February 14th, in time to buy a copy for your sweetheart. Williams returns […]

Daso, Meine Idee EP

Picture by Nocturnal Devil [Spectral Sound] For a DJ, there are few feelings as gut-wrenching as seeing the floor clear out when you start playing techno or house. The realization that you’re playing to an “indie” audience is usually accompanied by choice four letter words and a frantic search through your crate/hard drive. Which is […]

5 Years of Get Physical

Five years is an awful long time in dance music culture. Trends come and go within a few months; labels and artists do, too. But thanks to Booka Shade’s generous work ethic (i.e. writing songs for the labels’ figureheads) and pop tech-house aesthetic, as well as M.A.N.D.Y.’s relentless A&R scouting (the artists played a role, […]