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JTC, Valley Road (We Are 1)

Tadd Mullinix closed out 2013 on Spectral Sound with Valley Road (We Are 1), a record which incorporates breakbeats as part of one of his catchiest James T. Cotton tracks to date.

Fort Romeau, SW9

Spectral Sound delivers this new Fort Romeau EP, pairing a track that’s been floating around since the release of Kingdoms with a dub version and a Lowtec remix.

Ryan Elliott, Kicking Up

Kicking Up, backed with a remix by mysterious outlet STABLO, is Ryan Elliot’s long anticipated debut for Spectral Sound, the label for which he manages A&R.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mark E

With the arrival of his debut full-length, LWE interviewed Mark E. about his album, its stylistic changes, and his plans for the months ahead.

LWE Podcast 82: Ryan Elliott

Showing just why he is such a coveted name to have on your club bill, Ryan Elliott supplied our exclusive 82nd LWE podcast, a hot mix of raw, bristling techno that encompasses the works of his contemporaries, unreleased tracks and some vintage moments in techno.

Audion, It’s Full Of Blinding Light

I find it hard to believe anyone reading this site is not at least somewhat familiar with the work of Matthew Dear. His records have been both critical and commercial successes, resulting in bona-fide classics under multiple monikers (Jabberjaw’s “Girlfriend” and “EP2” under his birth name spring to mind immediately). 2008, however, was a disappointing year for Matthew Dear fans, and March’s “Love Letters” as False offered little reprieve. It was as if all Dear’s once-varied identities had simmered down to a similar, stagnant “minimal” sound. With the resurrection of Audion and a series of EPs building up to a full-length album, this has changed.

Osborne, Hovercrafting EP

Osborne’s “Hovercrafting EP” picks up where his Spectral Sound-released debut album left off last year, offering a breadth of styles rendered in characteristically bespoke timbres. The EP revisits “Wait A Minute Now,” first included on the free Ghostly Swim compilation, with two new versions and a potent Arto Mwambe remix. Osborne also slakes his thirst for crossing genre borders on two new tracks that deliver on the promise of his 2008 releases without simply reshuffling the deck.

Talking Shop with Ghostly/Spectral Sound

Welcome to the fifth edition of our series of short interviews affectionately titled Talking Shop. The majority of media and fan attention gets showered on the artists who create the music we love to listen to/DJ with/dance to, and for good reasons. But without the hard work, keen ears and business savvy of label staff, […]

Osborne, Osborne

[Spectral Sound] Todd Osborn is a born tinkerer, a guy who wants nothing more than to crack open the nearest electronic device to see how it works and, if possible, how to improve it. The trait is essential in his stint as an airline mechanic and at home, where he dissects computers, software, synthesizers (which […]

Osborne, Ruling EP

[Spectral Sound] Last week I lamented the relative sonic thriftiness of contemporary producers of deep house while discussing Juno’s Urban Soul remixes. Imagine my delight, then, when the Osborne’s meaty “Ruling EP” landed in my inbox with a resounding thump. Todd Osborn has shaded his productions (especially “Afrika”) with deep house’s vibrant blush since Spectral […]

Daso, Meine Idee EP

Picture by Nocturnal Devil [Spectral Sound] For a DJ, there are few feelings as gut-wrenching as seeing the floor clear out when you start playing techno or house. The realization that you’re playing to an “indie” audience is usually accompanied by choice four letter words and a frantic search through your crate/hard drive. Which is […]