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As The World Turns: Time In Electronic Dance Music

In this essay, LWE/RA contributor Luis-Manuel Garcia examines how electronic dance music shapes how its fans experience time.

LWE Podcast 47: Agnès

For LWE’s 47th exclusive podcast, Agnès brandishes his considerable DJing talents across an hour of achingly well mixed house music, including a clutch of hot unreleased tracks and remixes.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Virgo

One of the positive aspects of living in a reissue culture is that people who didn’t get their props first time round do so on the rebound. Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis are two such guys. They released only three records in their short-lived career, but those first two (under the names M.E. and Virgo Four, released on Chicago’s legendary Trax label), were compiled into their eponymous album Virgo. They were kind enough to give us their thoughts on the reissue, how a dog was responsible for their record deal, and why their school discos were considerably cooler than yours.

LWE Interviews House of House

Ever since the breakout success of their ecstatic “Rushing to Paradise (Walkin These Streets),” a full-blooded rollercoaster of a house anthem, House Of House have kept a surprisingly low profile. In a year when deep house was dragged kicking and screaming from the underground into global dance music conscioussness, the theatricality and the sheer emotional exuberance of the track ensured that it featured prominently in most late-summer DJ crates. The duo, made up of Saheer Umar and Still Going’s Olivier “Liv” Spencer, have a slew of remix projects scheduled for 2010 which kicks off with one for The Juan Maclean to complement their A Mountain of One “Bones” remix from 2009. In this insightful interview with both guys, they finally break the silence about their hit, where they’re going from there, and just how important New York is to their sound and that of the many game-changing house acts emerging from the city at the moment.

The Mountain People, Mountain007

Standing on the brink of vapid minimalism seems to have been enough to bring Mountain People back into the arms of tone and depth. Rozzo starved “Mountain006” of nearly all nourishing elements, leaving little for even some ardent supporters (myself included) to admire. Although the characteristic abundance of the first few Mountain People releases is returning only gradually, “Mountain007” is a fine return to form.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Cassy

When discussing her music, Berlin-based producer/DJ Cassy Britton admits she wanted to start “as simple as possible” to leave room for improvement and details as time went on. The simplicity tying together her productions for Perlon, Beatstreet, Uzuri, her own Cassy imprint and others is absolutely captivating, locking listeners into single-minded grooves too effective to […]

Kerri Chandler’s laser assault

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoG6PgO_idU] Yesterday I wrote up a New City preview for Kerri Chandler’s upcoming appearance at Chicago’s Green Dolphin Street, which required a bit of research on my part. I read that he uses lasers to build tunes during his sets but I had no idea how it worked until I popped his name into a […]