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LWE Podcast 168: Spatial

LWE connected with Spatial to discuss mathematics, his new project Primitives, remixing techno legend Kirk Degiorgio, and to find out what’s in store for his Infrasonics label. He also put together an absurdly fine mix for our 168th exclusive podcast, ranging from early 90s hallucinatory electronics to roughened bass and techno maneuvers, peppered with a few of his own select dubs.

xxxy & Ike Release, infra12004

Although some things have certainly changed, there’s no denying that the follow-up xxxy/Ike Release split is just as strong as the first.

XXXY/Ike Release, Infra12002

Amid the hullabaloo about new-garage, the Infrasonics label has quietly been cultivating a uniquely minimalist take on swung-drum bass music, distilling the sound to its bare essence. Infra12002, a 12″ split between XXXY and Ike Release, furthers this ideal.

Spatial, Infra002 EP

We humans typically deal with space in terms of the three dimensions most readily apparent to our senses– length, width, and height. If theoretical physicists like Brian Greene and Lisa Randal — whose respective bestsellers The Elegant Universe and Warped Passages helped usher the wacky nomenclature of superstring theory into the late night stoner blather of an entire generation — are to be believed, the universe might actually require something like eleven to function properly. You can’t really blame the sizable demographic of dubsteppers, each competing tooth and nail to get their bass jams out of a DJs distended record bag before the other dude’s, for ignoring the extra dimensions we remain more or less oblivious to in favor of amping up the big three. Aptly-named twostepper Spatial, however, has not forgotten those knotted-up pockets wherein only the most esoteric matter tingles.