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Leon Vynehall, Gold Language EP

For the Gold Language EP, Leon Vynehall’s follow-up for Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic, he moves onto wonderfully shaky ground and starts to pull away from the pack in the process.

Joy Orbison, Ellipsis

Finally pressed to wax and available to the masses in full, “Ellipsis” is as good as we thought it’d be, and it’s indicative of what makes Joy Orbison such a uniquely talented producer.

LWE Interviews Function

As Function emphasized repeatedly during this candid chat with LWE’s Jordan Rothlein — a conversation touching on New York and Berlin, the allure of vinyl DJing, and some tantalizing hints of what his debut solo album may hold — his story is one of continual evolution.

LWE Does Unsound Festival New York 2012

After a week’s rest, LWE correspondents Chris Miller and Jordan Rothlein file their report on Unsound New York 2012.

Curator’s Cuts 22: Jordan Rothlein & Chris Miller

LWE staff writer Jordan Rothlein and associate editor Chris Miller compiled Curator’s Cuts 22. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes the tracklist as part of the podcast.

Curator’s Cuts 21: LWE Staff

Curator’s Cuts 21 features some of LWE’s writing staff discussing five of electronic music’s prevailing trends in 2011, noting some of our favorite underrated tracks, and opining on what 2012 might have in store.

Efdemin, Chicago Remixes (2)

This latest batch of Chicago remixes — featuring Deadbeat, Fred P, Rndm, and Efdemin himself — doesn’t exactly reimagine the material as a Tavi Gevinson ensemble, at least one of the inclusions may turn some heads.

Rebolledo, Super Vato

Rebolledo’s debut LP, Super Vato, is a deeply collaborative work emphasizing a certain laid-backness we don’t find very often in club music.

Levon Vincent, Impression Of A Rainstorm

With little advance fanfare, Levon Vincent drops his second Novel Sound 12″ of 2011, the somewhat understated Impression Of A Rainstorm.

Cottam, Deep Deep Down

To say that Cottam has risen to the occasion with Deep Deep Down, his biggest 12” yet, honestly might be something of an understatement.

Lando Kal, Maneuver

With Maneuver, Lando Kal continues to come into his own, ramping up the energy from his Hotflush release while sounding dapper as ever.

Untold, Little Things Like That

Untold’s Little Things Like That arrives on Clone Basement Series as a chance to start anew but instead doubles down.

Roman Flügel, Fatty Folders

More than a paean to long-lost subgenres or a play at shifting the conversation back in a particular direction, Fatty Folders is a celebration of having an inimitable voice.

Agnès presents Cavalier, A Million Horses

Over 80 minutes, Cavalier’s A Million Horses inhabits a warm, vintage, and unabashedly soulful pocket with a fervor few can match. But can it set itself apart from the many other producers doing the same?

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Ubiquitous Gaze

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts was among the relatively few producers whose take on tropical minimal house was worth following, Ubiquitous Gaze is unlikely to convince listeners that’s still the case.

Martyn, Masks/Viper

On the eve of his next full-length, Martyn isn’t currently innovative so much as he’s articulate. But as Masks/Viper, the album’s teaser 12″, reveals, sharper teeth change surprisingly little about this guy’s bite.

Mount Kimbie, Carbonated

If you were hungry for new Mount Kimbie tracks, Carbonated will sate your appetite, though admittedly you’d probably like nine or ten more bites.

Kassem Mosse, Musical Generics

While Wendel’s remix work has started to sound like Kassem Mosse hunkering down into peggability, this solo outing reveals a producer still very much open to interpretation.

LWE Interviews Machinedrum

LWE caught up with Machinedrum in Brooklyn a few weeks before he decamped to Berlin for the summer to better know a veteran we expect is about to get his due in a very big way.

Sigha, HF029

Sigha’s self-titled EP for Hotflush may leave you thirsty for something that distinguishes its tracks as James Shaw’s own and more of the label’s sound signature.