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LWE Interviews Schwarzmann

LWE caught up with Henrik and Frank via Skype to discuss the roots of the project, why they value improvising, and if or when we can expect Schwarzmann releases.

Osunlade, Envision Remixes

Osunlade’s Pyrography album has largely been ignored, but perhaps Âme and Dixon’s remixes of its “Envision” will garner some attention the second time around.

Talking Shop With Innervisions

We’re happy to report that the subject of our latest interview is the spectacular Innervisions label. Born under the auspices of Sonar Kollektiv, Innervisions ventured off on its own with founder Steffen Berkhahn aka Dixon (and later Frank and Kristian of Âme as well) at the helm. Although there is no one Innervisions sound, it’s fair to say the label releases deep and innovative house music from a stable of in-house artists including Âme, Henrik Schwarz, Marcus Worgull and Tokyo Black Star. Forward-thinking 12″s from Laurent Garnier, Château Flight, Stefan Goldmann, and Culoe De Song are further signs of the label’s stringent quality control; compilations like Muting the Noise and the Innervisions-curated The Grandfather Paradox (for BBE) underline how their vision extends beyond the dance floor. And with the recent launch of the Innervisions web shop they’ve begun sharing their taste-making insights with fans directly. Dixon was kind enough to let LWE pick his brain about filters, how to best present a record and the label’s unusual birth before playing live at DEMF as part of A Critical Mass.

Culoe De Song, The Bright Forest

The back story to Culolethu Zulu’s debut release reads like a (energy drink sponsored, house music) fairytale. An eighteen year old kid who had previously never traveled outside his native South Africa, Culoe rocked up to the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona with a bunch of his Afrobeat-infused deep house tracks, blew the competition away and returned home with a contract with one of Germany’s premier house labels.

Various Artists, Secret Weapons EP (Part Three)

Innervisions made its name on records from its close-knit family of Âme, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Tokyo Black Star et al., so the label’s “Secret Weapons EP” series has acted as its window to the rest of the house and techno world. Combining Dixon’s voracious A&R appetite, the label’s esteemed reputation and a host of overlooked gems, “Secret Weapons” allowed Innervisions to release tracks it believed in without enlarging its roster. Although recent 12″s from Lil’ Tony, Boola and Culoe De Song suggest a softening of this attitude, Innervisions’ taste-making ears prove as sharp as ever for “Secret Weapons EP (Part Three).”

Little White Earbuds Interviews Âme

I had a chance to talk with Âme while they were promoting the mix, discussing their stylistic shifts, recent single “D.P.O.M.B.”, and their advice for shopping around your demo.

Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon, D.P.O.M.B. EP

[Innervisions] Any time Henrik Schwarz, Âme and Dixon all grace the same slab of vinyl, chances are it’s going to be a big deal. This precedent was set in 2006 with the quickly canonized “Where We At,” capturing the warily optimistic zeitgeist with a prescient Derrick Carter vocal sample which hung above stirring (and label-defining) […]