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Cheap and Deep, Cheap and Deep Rides Again

Cheap and Deep Rides Again, the first on Jay Ahern’s new Modular Cowboy imprint, features Norman Nodge and Jonsson/Alter remixes of “Words, Breaths, and Pauses” and one new track.

Hauntologists, EP3

That Jay Ahern and Stefan Schneider rely on older analog equipment explains the subtle, almost evolutionary degree of progression that characterizes their third Hauntologists EP.

Hydronaut/Aquarhythms, Deep In The Feeling/Warm Seqs

Jay Ahern’s name has crept up a lot recently, often in the same sentence as his Hauntologists project with Stefan Schneider or his Cheap and Deep moniker/label born in 2009. Seasoned techno watchers, however, will recognize Ahern as the scene stalwart behind Aquarhythms (who recorded for Astralwerks), Add Noise, and a handful of other monikers dating as far back as 1992. With a new crop of listeners awaiting his next transmission, Ahern offered a personal history lesson that was remarkably germane for 2009’s sonic climate. The “Deep In the Feeling/Warm Seqs” 12,” which features mid-90’s era remixes from Morgan Geist and Carl Craig, feels more than 10 years ahead of its time.