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LWE Interviews Norman Nodge

LWE caught up with Norman Nodge recently to chat about Berghain 06, the constantly shifting techno scene of Berlin, and that pesky GEMA issue that everyone keeps talking about.

Cheap and Deep, Cheap and Deep Rides Again

Cheap and Deep Rides Again, the first on Jay Ahern’s new Modular Cowboy imprint, features Norman Nodge and Jonsson/Alter remixes of “Words, Breaths, and Pauses” and one new track.

Marcel Fengler, Thwack Remixes

A year after it made a big impact on techno dance floors, Marcel Fengler’s “Thwack” gets a remix package with new takes by Norman Nodge, Mike Parker, and Luke Slater under two different names.

Little White Earbuds February Charts 2011

01. Drivetrain, “Lift Me High” [Soiree Records International]
02. The Oliverwho Factory, “Galactic Transit” (Recall Instrumental Mix) [Rush Hour Recordings]
03. Jamie Lloyd, “Cloud Hopping” [Love International]
04. Omar-S, “Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance!”
[FXHE Records]
05. D’Marc Cantu, “Set Free” [M>O>S Recordings]
06. James Blake, “I Never Learnt to Share”
[Atlas Recordings]
07. Steffi, “Mine” [Ostgut Ton]
08. Martyn & Mike Slott, “All Nights”
[All City Records]
09. Norman Nodge, “Convergence” [MDR]
10. Half Hawaii, “Bring Back the Love” [Perlon]

Norman Nodge, MDR 07

With so many techno producers flirting with lower tempos and noisy textures, there is something very now about Norman Nodge’s MDR 07.

Corrugated Tunnel, Threadbare

A taster for Corrugated Tunnel’s new album on Process Recordings, “Threadbare” sees him move away from his ambient stylings and head down a richer, more traditionally musical route.

Marcel Dettmann, Dettmann Remixed

Expectations greatly inform our record buying habits. What do you expect from Marcel Dettmann? If previous releases are to be believed it’s stripped down, no nonsense techno. What about from his friends Norman Nodge and the either incognito or actually-a-newcomer Wincent Kunth? More or less the same thing, and that is exactly what’s on display here with four remixes of Dettmann material which didn’t make the album.

Function, Remixed

Sandwell District have been making acerbic waves in the techno scene for a couple of years now, and in 2009 it’s common knowledge that if you want proper techno you’d best head to Sandwell. Given that every one of this year’s SD releases, aside from Silent Servant’s fantastic “Negative Fascinations,” has been technically a remix, the choice to abandon the usual procession of catalog numbers in favor of the new “SDRM” code for this new 12″ of remixes is a surprise. Regardless, Berghain favorites Ben Klock and Norman Nodge are on deck to reshape Function’s massive “Disaffected” while anonymous Sandwell insider, CH-Signal Laboratories lends their hands to continue the Variance remix project from earlier this year.

Resoe, Magnolie EP

Though Resoe is his primary musical outlet, Copenhagen’s Dennis Bøg also makes up one half of Pattern Repeat where, as diligent LWE readers can tell you, he teams up with Echocord head Kenneth Christiansen. Little surprise, then, that the latest Resoe record — for his own Baum Records — deals in the sort of burly, Chain Reaction-inspired dub techno that’s earned labels like Modern Love, Statik Entertainment, and of course Echocord their many dedicated followers. A-side “Cosmic Blast” is all chunky bass, chiseling high-end percussion, and blurred, wet chords. But where a lot of the deeper end of techno seems to be courting a more meditative listening experience, “Cosmic Blast” is stern and propulsive – destined for club use. If, however, you take your washes of delay with a little more “numb,” you’ll find a deep track for late morning in “Dusty Grounds.” It’s makeup is much the same, but more about atmospherics than thunder. Of course, neither track is going to shock you. Naysayers will groan that they’ve heard this before. Myself, I’m content to enjoy this sturdy example of the genre.

Peter Van Hoesen, Trusted EP

[Time To Express] Witness the power of the techno blogosphere: After seven years of releasing music as Object, Vanno and now his own name, Belgian producer and DJ Peter Van Hoesen has recently seen a sharp uptick in his stock. His contribution to Modyfier’s Process series (of which I am an alumnus) grabbed quite few […]

Norman Nodge/Samuli Kemppi, Berghain 02|Part II

Photo by Eric Phillips [Ostgut Ton] Each new release from Ostgut Ton builds on an already impressive list of accomplishments, of which becoming an underground multimedia empire is only one. Graduating from 12″ singles, double packs and compilations to albums (Prosumer & Murat Tepeli’s irresistible Serenity) proved the still fresh-faced label’s keen A&R eye (not […]