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Miss Kittin, All You Need

All You Need, Miss Kittin’s debut for Mobilee, feels like a long-anticipated hangover after the bombastic bender she’s been on for much of her career.

Sebo K, Diva

[Mobilee] The past couple years have seen Watergate become a sensation in Berlin for steadfast techno lovers as well as semi-oblivious party people. While its billing reflects an intimate knowledge of underground dance culture, its eye-popping light show and posh décor attract plenty of average punters. As one of Watergate’s resident DJs, Sebo K’s style […]

Sun over Sonar: LWE reflects

Anja Schneider slays the crowd. Photos by Nate DeYoung. After a few days’ rest, LWE’s Nate DeYoung files his report: In the Sonar coverage I’ve seen over the years, I never read too much between the lines -– the fact is that this is a festival built upon the principle of overwhelming you. Take a […]

Rodriguez Jr., Rubbo Swingo

[Leena Music] Mobilee’s choosy younger sister, Leena Music, deserves praise for getting established producers away from their usual hangouts for one off singles. Their first salvo of records came from Holger Zilske, Catz N’ Dogz (3 Channels trying on another moniker) and Paul Brtschitsch. Olivier Mateu, one half of Parisian duo The Youngsters, adds his […]

Sebo K, Far Out

[Mobilee] How much stock listeners put into track titles is usually relative to how it sounds. For example, Martin Buttrich’s “Hunter” aurally portrayed the food chain in progress and Daniel Wang’s “Berlin Sunrise” captured the glowing warmth emerging from the horizon. By contrast, Tiger Stripes’ “Mad At Me” is hardly an aggressive or even upset […]