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Little White Earbuds Interviews Radio Slave

In advance of his appearance at the Stop Making Sense festival, LWE were granted to the opportunity to converse with Matt Edwards via email. Might we suggest keeping a second tab open to Discogs while reading this interview, for reference sake.

Midland, Bring Joy EP

Harry Agius’ second release finally arrives half a year later for obscure London house label More Music, and, well, it sounds like more Midland.

Radio Slave, I Don’t Need A Cure For This

It’s not entirely surprising REKIDS sat on I Don’t Need A Cure For This as it’s noticeably more subdued than Edwards’ usual club-clobbering fare, but it’s paired with the ethnic-sampling house varieties he’s helped popularize.

Talking Shop with Running Back

Running Back is one of the most consistent labels about. Only in terms of quality, mind. Consistency doesn’t equal homogeneity, and frankly Running Back can be all over the shop stylistically. Ravey, wildpitch house from Radio Slave one release, Robert Dietz’s desiccated Mannheim funk the next, Running Back is unafraid to thumb its nose at genre purists. For a busy man, the label’s owner Gerd Janson is exceptionally generous with his time, and it was a pleasure to shoot the shit with him for a couple hours about the eternal vinyl versus mp3 debate, Walter Benjamin, British dub soundsystems, and what we can expect next from the least predictable of labels.

DJ Hell feat. P. Diddy, The DJ (Radio Slave Remix)

When I read in July that Radio Slave would be joining hands with DJ Hell and P. Diddy on a 28-minute remix of the latter pair’s recent collabo, “The DJ,” I felt as though I had finally found the master plan behind my existence. “Go forth,” God seemed to be saying from between the lines of this bizarre Resident Advisor news blurb, “and review this record.”

Tony Lionni|Radio Slave, Berghain 03|Part 1

The first extracts from Len Faki’s curate’s egg of a mix CD showcases an established figure, and a relative newcomer. Radio Slave falls into the former category (if you haven’t heard one of his pounding remixes in the last couple of years, you haven’t been near a nightclub), while Tony Lionni is the fresh face in the Berghain finishing school.

Little White Earbuds November Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. Radio Slave, “Incognito” [R&S Records] (buy) Another big year for Matt Edwards and a return to prominence for Belgium’s R&S, 2008 saw the former help reboot the latter with the storming “Eyes Wide Open” single. But hiding on the B-side is something better, the gut-punching floor filler “Incognito.” Although […]

Veinte Tres, Serpiente Cosmica

[REKIDS] In his recent slew of releases, Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave) has focused rather exclusively on lengthy peak time killers. Over the years, he’s had so many pseudonyms and side projects that, as the bio on his website claims, “If Matt comes up with another two projects he’ll have enough alter egos for every […]

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Overrated Singles

For our fourth report, LWE’s editor in chief Steve Mizek picks his top five overrated singles from the first half of 2008. The number of dance music singles released each year is absolutely mind-boggling, likely well into six digits and rising each year as production software becomes more accessible. So how does a track stand […]

Sun over Sonar: LWE reflects

Anja Schneider slays the crowd. Photos by Nate DeYoung. After a few days’ rest, LWE’s Nate DeYoung files his report: In the Sonar coverage I’ve seen over the years, I never read too much between the lines -– the fact is that this is a festival built upon the principle of overwhelming you. Take a […]

Quiet Village, Silent Movie

[!K7] Matt Edwards, better known as Radio Slave, is one half of hypnotic disco duo Quiet Village with DJ Joel Martin. Edwards has been incredibly prolific as a producer, remixer and label owner, and Quiet Village is where he’s gone to hang his more relaxed hat. After three singles and a slew of remixes, the […]