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Various Artists, All Night Long EP’s 1 & 2

Dubstep may have found a novel approach to its inherent darkness and sparseness in techno; might there be an alternate path, though, one in which dubstep finds less subterranean manifestations in the dapper grooves of house? Aus Music, the debonair and slightly experimental tech-house imprint founded by Will Saul and Fin Greenall, answered in the affirmative with its recent and astounding Appleblim & Komonazmuk rework of (Greenall-fronted) Sideshow’s “If Alone.” The label continues its genre-melding trek with two new EPs of exclusive tracks from All Night Long, Saul’s new mix celebrating Aus’s twentieth release. Though never quite reaching the sublime heights of “If Alone,” Saul has curated four generally strong sides of house music in flux.

Little White Earbuds Interviews MyMy

Three cool cats: (L-R) Lee Jones, Carsten Klemann and Nick Höppner. Photo by Katja Jaruge My My approach house and techno with artisians’ flair, crafting aural mosaics from hundreds of little sounds glued atop engaging melodies. You can listen closely and admire all the details slipped into every crevice or step back into the crowd […]

Little White Earbuds March Charts

Chart via The Economist. 01. Robert Hood, Fabric 39 [Fabric] (

MyMy, Southbound

[Ostgut Ton] Artistically, Lee Jones and Nick Höppner of MyMy have never been ones to stand still. Though a love for stitching together beautiful ends from odd means and persistent attention to detail are two overarching principles in their music, each new record from this buy-on-sight group often confounds as much as it delights. Take […]