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LWE’s Top 5 Artists of 2013

For the fourth and final year-end column, LWE staff writer Brandon Bussolini highlights five standout artists of 2013.

Floorplan, Phobia

Robert Hood’s Floorplan guise edges closer to the Detroit producer’s more austere side while delivering a whopping gospel-informed sound, as well.

LWE Reviews MUTEK 2013

After taking time to collect their thoughts, Steve Mizek and Steve Kerr offer their take on MUTEK’s 14th edition in Montreal.

Robert Hood, Torque One / Movement

Robert Hood’s latest 12″ finds him returning to Music Man Records, pairing “Torque One,” a track from the forthcoming Motor: Nighttime World 3, with the exclusive “Movement.”

Ben Sims, Slow Motion

The richly satisfying Slow Motion EP (or mini-LP, given that it contains six tracks) is a welcome return for Ben Sims’ much-loved Theory imprint.

Floorplan, Sanctified EP

It has long been known that Robert Hood is a deeply religious person, but Sanctified contains his most explicit musical expression of this part of his life.

Robert Hood, Alpha/The Family

M-Planet selects UK producer James Ruskin to remix “Alpha,” the first single from Robert Hood’s recent Omega album.

Robert Hood, Omega

Robert Hood’s Omega album is cut through with an urgent, futuristic score that profiles the ideas contained in Charlton Heston’s Omega Man rather than the style it was made in.

LWE Interviews Robert Hood

In a career that spans some twenty years Robert Hood has indelibly left his mark on the techno landscape, and to this day he continues to explore his particular brand of stripped back, haunting techno funk. LWE spoke to Mr. Hood about his new album, Omega, injecting faith into music and hearing the echoes of Motown through techno.

LWE’s Movement 2010 Review

As May rolls around each year, many dance music fans in America and around the world instinctively reach for their wallets and begin making preparations for Detroit’s annual electronic music festival, Movement.

LWE’s Guide to Movement Detroit 2010

With so much to choose from, LWE has decided to reprise last year’s popular festival guide. Because the daily schedule has not yet been released we’re breaking things down by stage, so at least you’ll know where to be to see these incredible artists at work.

Aufgang, Barock Remixes

What kind of music would people like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, or Johann Sebastian Bach be making if they were alive today? Would they have stuck to their roots and continued to play the music they were famous for and helped make famous? Or would they have updated their existing systems and ideas, used the latest technology and reflected their newer influences? It’s highly likely they would choose the latter (if you can look past the sheer logistical impossibilities of Bach especially surviving for so long). A group like Aufgang may well present us with the closest approximation of what someone like Bach may have sounded like some three hundred years after his time. The combination of Francesco Tristano, Rami Khalifé — both classically trained pianists from the prestigious Julliard school — and Aymeric Westrich, a formidable percussionist in his own right, lends itself to an interesting new take on both classical and electronic music. Taken from their self-titled debut album, “Barock” is reinterpreted by Wareika, Mondkopf and Robert Hood who all personalize the track and take it in whole new directions.

BBH: Robert Hood, Stereotype EP

Robert Hood’s burst of activity in 2009 was composed half of new releases and half of reissues. After reissuing the classic Minimal Nation Hood fired off a couple new jams (including the wicked “Superman”) before continuing the reissues with The Pace/Wandering Endlessly. Which leads us to M.PM number 5, the legendary Stereotype EP first released in 1998. Last year we noted the strength of 2009’s reissues, and Hood’s were a big part of that.

Robert Hood, Superman/Range

While Detroit producer Robert Hood has enjoyed a renaissance in the past few years on the back of his exhilarating Fabric mix, the inspired Hoodmusic series and quite possibly a realisation in some quarters that what he has been doing for the best part of 20 years makes the mnml explosion look like a minor ripple in his vast creative depths, it was almost inevitable that at some stage he’d fall foul of a backlash.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Reissues

On the reissue front, last year saw a new CD package of Basic Channel highlights, the Gas boxed set, and a repress of Model 500’s seminal Deep Space. Can 2009 match that? Six months in, looks like it just might.

Little White Earbuds March Charts

Chart via The Economist. 01. Robert Hood, Fabric 39 [Fabric] (

Satin Jackets, Conspiracy Theories EP

[Noble Square Records] The man known only as Satin Jackets was raised on a Navajo Indian reservation in the 80’s where he proved himself as a skilled archer and sprinter. While passing through the territory on tour, one of house music’s greatest figures (who asked not to be identified) saw the boy darting across the […]

Want 2 free tickets to Fabric this Saturday?

Photo by Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund I have to admit, I’m plainly jealous of my British readers, or at least the ones within reasonable distance from Fabric. Although the 26th is just another Saturday night at the London superclub, the line-up (as usual) has me drooling like Pavlovian raver. Even better, I’m […]