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Force Of Nature, Remixed

Photo by Heidi & Hans-J├╝rgen Koch [Mule Musiq] Ramping up to re-release their album III this summer, Force of Nature enlisted a couple of high-profile remixers to re-introduce the album. Force of Nature, a Japanese producer duo, keeps their arpeggiators slow and wide-eyed enough to be pretty malleable fodder (a trait shared with M83). So […]

Shackleton, Death Is Not Final

[Skull Disco] Shackleton is consistent. Starting with the first pop of a drum on his singles, the percussion stays round and full, the bass cascades with uncanny depth, the space between is frigid. Shackleton’s sound is dark, opaque. From the elegiac wind blasts of “Blood on my Hands” to the outright menace of “Hypno Angel,” […]

Introductions are in order (the Nate DeYoung edition)

Hello World. I’m notoriously bad at introductions, am American enough to like the bar game Big Buck Hunter and think that every dish tastes better with pork. Lately, I can’t get enough of those stab-house strings and warm square basslines in Mugwump’s “Boutade.” I have no worthy adjectives for Appleblim & Peverlist in “Circling.” Both […]

Skream, Skreamizm Vol. 4

Art by Greg Lamarche [Tempa] Skream might have one of the most visceral names in dubstep, but he’s hardly a menacing producer. In fact, his output over the last couple of years has made a strong case for melody in the genre. Skream is a populist at heart; he’s a producer not afraid to craft […]