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Zed Bias, Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth of the Nanocloud

Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth of the Nanocloud boasts 12 collaborators over the course of 18 tracks and it feels very much like a mixtape.

Skream, Outside The Box

It’s somehow appropriate that Skream (aka Ollie Jones), one of the founders of dubstep, is the latest to test the waters for a pop crossover with his sophomore album, Outside The Box.

Various Artists, Tectonic Plates Vol. 2

As I loaded Tectonic Plates Vol. 2 into my playlist, the artists who appeared one by one were a “who’s who” of dubstep producers who have made waves and splashes in the scene this year. Joker’s inclusion immediately caught my attention, and may do so for many people because of his recent Hyperdub debut. Also gracing the tracklist are heavyweights Benga and Skream, as well as a couple of LWE favorites, 2562 and Martyn kicking things off. Rounding out the compilation are then Flying Lotus, Moving Ninja, Peverlelist, Shed, and RSD. Last but not least and the one who facilitated this impressive lineup is Pinch, whose Tectonic label the compilation appears on.

Skream, Skreamizm Vol. 4

Art by Greg Lamarche [Tempa] Skream might have one of the most visceral names in dubstep, but he’s hardly a menacing producer. In fact, his output over the last couple of years has made a strong case for melody in the genre. Skream is a populist at heart; he’s a producer not afraid to craft […]