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Quality Is Overrated Pt. 2

Part two of Stefan Goldmann’s detailed examination of the psychosocial framework that underlies what we listen to, looking into the factors that decide what is culturally relevant and what is not.

Quality Is Overrated: The Mechanics of Excellence In Music

Stefan Goldmann offers a detailed examination of the psychosocial framework that underlies what we listen to, looking into the factors that decide what is culturally relevant and what is not — with surprising results: exploring the unknown is not only more fun, but also more rewarding.

Everything popular is wrong: Making it in electronic music, despite democratization

Stefan Goldmann on why Web 2.0 can work for you but won’t for most, where all the money went and how working against the market consensus can be a winning strategy.

Little White Earbuds September Charts 2010

01. Dexter, “Junofest” [Rush Hour Recordings]
02. Stefan Goldmann, “The Maze” (Part 1) [Macro]
03. Sebastien San ft. Aaron-Carl, “Faces”
[Room With A View]
04. Gabriel Ananda, “Serengeti” [Sportclub]
05. Tomson & Benedict, “Rainy Things”
[Freerange Records]
06. Jichael Mackson, “Sugar Hill Mountain” [Musique Risquée]
07. NDF, “Since We Last Met” [DFA]
08. Barker & Baumbecker, “Candyflip” [Ostgut Ton]
09. Matthew Dear, “Little People (Black City)” [Ghostly International]
10. Terrance McDonald, “Mind Over Matter”
[M>O>S Deep]

LWE Podcast 20: Stefan Goldmann retires this week

LWE’s excellent 20th podcast came from Macro label owner and multifarious producer Stefan Goldmann. Don’t miss your chance to download it before it retires this Friday, September 3rd at 10 am CST.

Igor Stravinsky, Le Sacre Du Printemps (Stefan Goldmann Edit)

Writing in 1626, Francis Bacon described “…sound-houses, where we practise and demonstrate all sounds and their generation… we make divers tremblings and warblings of sounds… We have all means to convey sounds in trunks and pipes, in strange lines and distances.” (The New Atlantis).The manipulation of sounds, found or manufactured, into the futuristic and new is an impulse that has accompanied the musical urge, it would seem, for hundreds of years. It motivated Luigi Russolo to build his intonarumori at the turn of the last century: these were huge horns attached to boxes, the full set of which would fill a large room. In performances with classical orchestras after the first World War, Russolo elevated his mechanical tinkering into something that might have been the first true electronic music. Around the same time, Igor Stravinsky released his “Le Sacre Du Printemps,” a piece widely thought to be a cornerstone in musicological development.

LWE Podcast 20: Stefan Goldmann

It’s somewhat of an anomaly that Stefan Goldmann’s profile isn’t writ as large as his thrilling productions. The German producer and owner of the Macro label inhabits a special place in electronic music, constantly wowing with each subsequent release, be it twelve inch, full length album, remix, or concept re-edit of Stravinsky. Even from his earliest beginnings on Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon’s Classic label it was evident Goldmann stood out from the pack, not afraid to move in his own direction and moreover always pushing himself further. It was 2005’s “Sleepy Hollow EP” that finally awakened many to his unique musical charms, and since then he hasn’t put a foot wrong, releasing a string of twelves culminated in an album that housed them all (The Transitory State) and notching up a slew of remixes that eclipsed the originals (Force of Nature’s “Sequencer” and Sideshow’s “African Cheri” immediately spring to mind). It’s less surprising, then, that the scope and sheer quality of Goldmann’s work earned him a nomination for the German equivalent of a Grammy award. But then rather than keep reading about how great we think he is, it would be much easier to check out his exclusive podcast mix and hear for yourselves.

Stefan Goldmann, Art of Sorrow

After a year that saw Stefan Goldmann in top form with “Radiant Grace” and the issue of his collected singles as the album The Transitory State, 2008 ebbed with “Wolverine,” a slightly lackluster affair that failed to deliver the same punch as the string of previous impeccable releases. Goldmann’s first offering of 2009 will address that balance with a startling double header on the new Victoriaville imprint, a mixture of melody and mayhem that is setting alight techno and dubstep camps alike.

Stefan Goldmann, The Transitory State

[Macro] With a resume including releases on Perlon, Classic, Ovum, Innervisons, and his own Macro imprint, as well as a reputation for being a clutch DJ, Stefan Goldmann is one of the more pedigreed producers on the scene. Goldmann may be well-respected and popular with listening audiences and other DJs alike, but he hasn’t reached […]

Force Of Nature, Remixed

[Mule Musiq] Ramping up to re-release their album III this summer, Force of Nature enlisted a couple of high-profile remixers to re-introduce the album. Force of Nature, a Japanese producer duo, keeps their arpeggiators slow and wide-eyed enough to be pretty malleable fodder (a trait shared with M83). So it’s no surprise that “Remixed” is […]