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LWE Interviews Appleblim

LWE caught up with Appleblim recently to chat about the continued influence of DMZ and FWD>>, UK dubplate culture, and more in advance of his appearance this Saturday in New York for the Sub:stance New York residency launch.

Shackleton, Shortwave/You Bring Me Down (Remixes)

Of the new generation of dubstep producers, Sam Shackleton has proven himself to be the most receptive to crossing over with other genres in a mutually back-scratching manner. After famously remixing and being remixed by Ricardo Villalobos, Shackleton has more favors returned here. Reprising a combo first seen on last year’s Steingarten remixes project, Shackleton has two tracks from his forthcoming Skull Disco full-length remixed by Pole and Peverelist for a special vinyl release from ~scape, furthering the cross-pollination efforts.

Shackleton, Death Is Not Final

[Skull Disco] Shackleton is consistent. Starting with the first pop of a drum on his singles, the percussion stays round and full, the bass cascades with uncanny depth, the space between is frigid. Shackleton’s sound is dark, opaque. From the elegiac wind blasts of “Blood on my Hands” to the outright menace of “Hypno Angel,” […]