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Exclusive DOTW: St Plomb, Precious Soul (Ripperton Remix)

Ripperton generously offers his previously unreleased remix of St Plomb’s “Precious Soul” as this week’s exclusive download.

Various Artists, Pespectiv Family Tree 2

Ripperton and Sam K have run a pretty tight ship the past couple of years with the Perspectiv label. They’ve given exposure to the audible charms of their Swiss compatriots and helped push a deep, emotive flavor of techno at the same time. Family Tree II is the second full length artist sampler for the label and with any luck it will become an annual event.

October, My Left Tool EP

Caravan’s dependable Julian Smith follows last year’s dark, bumpy “Say Again” with a second package for Perspectiv. Don’t let the title’s “Tool” cool your interest, though. While this may well be a brilliant record for brokering transitions in your next set, “My Left Tool” is also an autonomous pleasure and evocative journey of a record in itself.

Christian Vance, Tiger Snake EP

Ripperton and Sam K’s label Perspectiv got its start in late 2006/early 2007, just as the former was approaching his peak popularity. The imprint pointed its new found limelight at a cast of relative unknowns like Minz, Ndru, Lucy, October and Dachshund, among others. But as Ripperton’s popularity waned post-Lazy Fat People, so did listeners’ appetite for his label’s fresh-faced selection and its singles have gone by mostly unnoticed. That’s a shame, because the end of 2008 was an especially fertile time for Perspectiv, which released a tasty platter from Dana Ruh (backed by an equally sumptuous Agnès remix) and Christian Vance’s debut, the “Tiger Snake EP.”