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tobias. / o.utlier, Classics / For One Of The Least (Main Pass)

Continuing its tradition of releasing one DJ-friendly record per year, Naïf marks 2013 with a split single from Tobias. and o.utlier.

tobias., Remixes

Ostgut Ton launches its Underton sub-label, an outlet for remixes, with Efdemin and the duo of Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer’s takes on Tobias Freund’s debut LP.

DOTW: tobias., Free No.2

This week we get an alternate take from Tobias Freund’s full-length album, Leaning Over Backwards.

Various Artists, Superlongevityfive

While at first blush Superlongevityfive seems to maintain Perlon’s status quo, further inspection reveals there are almost as many sides to the compilation as there are tracks.

October, My Left Tool EP

Caravan’s dependable Julian Smith follows last year’s dark, bumpy “Say Again” with a second package for Perspectiv. Don’t let the title’s “Tool” cool your interest, though. While this may well be a brilliant record for brokering transitions in your next set, “My Left Tool” is also an autonomous pleasure and evocative journey of a record in itself.

Tobias. & Efdemin, Phantasma Vol. 1

To anyone who’s been following house and techno recently, a split EP by Efdemin and Tobias. sounds like a sure shot. The former has delivered several years of ceaseless quality, while the latter had an especially impressive run in 2008. Both are at a point where it seems they can do no wrong. Unfortunately, “Phantasma Vol. 1” disproves this notion. As the first installment in a series on Diamond & Pearls Music, it’s decent at best — more than can be said for plenty of releases in general, but much less than we’ve come to expect from these two.

Little White Earbuds January Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. Intrusion, The Seduction of Silence [echospace [detroit]] (buy) Dub reggae has long been the lens through which Stephen Hitchell (Soultek, cv313, Echospace) has interpreted techno music, and with the Intrusion project those influences step to the forefront of his production style. His gorgeous debut album, The Seduction of Silence, […]

Los Updates, First If You Please The Remix Part 2

[Cadenza] Los Updates’ First If You Please full-length has the distinction of being not only the first artist album released on Luciano’s Cadenza imprint, but also hands-down the most disappointing thing the label has released to date — an uninspired set of tech-house tunes dragged down like an anchor by Jose Gonzalez’ cringe-worthy lyrics and […]

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Live PAs

“Minimalism” by Noriko Ambe For our third report, LWE correspondent Will Lynch compiles his top five live PAs from the first half of 2008. One of dance music’s most unique features is the elasticity of the artist’s relationship with their own material. Plenty of producers never “play live” and use DJing as their exclusive means […]

Little White Earbuds January Charts

Graphic via The Economist 01. Ben Klock, “October” [BPitch Control] (buy) No rest for the wicked, it seems, as Ben Klock drops another heavy one on fans with “October.” Like a ghost in an aggressive, pounding machine, the title track’s melody billows upwards and is zapped into place by laser precise synth strokes. “Similarity” relishes […]