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Edit Select, Phlox

Phlox‘s 11 ying-and-yang excursions feel like instruments of ongoing discovery, with Edit Select reaching out to grasp at the distant, darkened corners of his musical vocabulary and committing the results to record.

Cassegrain, Tiamat

The latest from Cassegrain, a duo consisting of Greece’s Alex Tsiridis and Austrian composer Hüseyin Evirgen, is a double EP’s worth of gut-punch techno for Prologue.

Milton Bradley, Reality Is Wrong

Milton Bradley’s second EP for Prologue picks up where the first left off, preferring small tweaks and chance collisions to dynamic or structural changes.

Voices From The Lake, Voices From The Lake

Donato Dozzy and Neel come together as Voices From The Lake on their self-titled debut album, which draws upon natural tranquility but retains a steadying and soothing functionality.

Cio D’or, Magnetfluss

Cio D’or returns to Prologue with a new EP that strips away past moments of accessibility away and leaves behind an empty shell of sound design.

Milton Bradley, The Unheard Voice From Outer Space

Milton Bradley’s name has been synonymous with Do Not Resist The Beat!, his label and the instructions for ingesting the spacey, paranoid slates he’s been turning out since late 2008. His newest 12″, The Unheard Voice From Outer Space, arrives courtesy of Munich’s Prologue, whose line up of Cio D’or, Samuli Kemppi, and Giorgio Gigli are sonic kin to his neuron-probing techno aesthetic.

Samuli Kemppi, No One Can Hear Your Echo In Space

Although Samuli Kemppi has yet to become a household name, techno fans took when Samuli’s exceptional “Vangel” appeared on last year’s Berghain 02 mix. Since then he’s released only a remix for Peter Van Hoesen’s “Casual Care,” but the coming month sees two new records from the Finnish producer. In addition to the second installment in the Komisch records catalog (the follow up to Van Hoesen’s remarkable inaugural 12″), Samuli strikes with “No One Can Hear Your Echo In Space,” the sixth transmission from Munich-based Prologue. Prologue have made a name for themselves this year by specializing in “headfuck techno,” which is about as apt a description as one could imagine. “No One Can Hear You Echo In Space” continues the label’s high standards, delivering three tracks of twisted, subtly-mind-warping techno.