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Various Artists, The Smugglers Inn Voyage 1

Inaugurating the Smuggler’s Inn imprint is a collection of four tracks from artists of various renown delivering a sort of deep house that’s somehow penetrating and immersive.

Red Rack’em, Exhalt/Underground

On his first release for London-based Shift, Red Rack’em shows a deft hand at keeping us guessing on what actually qualifies as deep house these days.

Red Rack’em, All I Ever Wanted

I read a review recently that took issue with a release not treading new ground, of sticking to familiar pathways within its genre. Like rock music with all of the best chords already used up, there will always be a certain amount of familiarity within electronic music. The 808 and 909 drum sounds are an instantly recognizable feature within the medium, while there are a plethora of production tricks and sounds that are aped, rehashed and re-molded by the bulk of producers. Red Rack’em may not be breaking new soil with his latest twelve for the coveted Untracked label, but through employing some of the classic deep house sounds and themes on the release he also touches on that vital quality of creating a classic vibe.