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Ryo Murakami, In Chain

Ryo Murakami’s latest for Curle Recordings further cements his reputation with two stunning cuts of deep Detroit flavored house and an equally remarkable interpretation of the title track by Fred P.

Pezzner, The Tracks Are Alive EP

On The Tracks Are Alive EP, the first taken from his debut album of the same name, Pezzner gets sit back and be remixed by Rozzo, Ryo Murakami, and Jay Shepheard.

Ryo Murakami, Just For This

Since Steve Bug first discovered him in 2007, Ryo Murakami has been busy giving Japan’s techno scene a good name. Following close on the heels of his deep and dubby Lost It EP, the producer has delivered yet another aural treat from Tokyo. Rarely do house singles have the coherence and consistency found on this release. Put simply, this is just good stuff. The three tracks fit together like the matching pieces of a china set: the slow and sultry title track is the bulbous tea pot, steeping some seriously deep house grooves; the remix is the flare-rimmed teacup, delicately endowed with fresh organic drums; “Untitled” is the wide-mouthed sugar dish, full of party sweets. Each piece earns its distinctive place in the set.