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Shifted, Crossed Paths

Over 11 tracks, Shifted’s debut LP exhibits a feathered, skeletal sound, an ambient-industrial hybrid with attention to detail that rewards in its measured establishment of mood and slow, generous climax.

Shifted, Telic

If Shifted’s early work brought to mind the most polarizing ends of the early Ostgut Ton catalog, his newest courses in foreboding ripples like the best of Sandwell District.

Pacific Blue, Industry

Shifted’s more house-oriented guise, Pacific Blue, makes its debut with Industry on the producer’s own Pacific Blue label.

Sigha, The Politics of Dying

The Politics of Dying further solidifies Sigha’s sound into an intriguing hybrid of continental efficiency and classic UK brutality, miles removed from the “bass music” associations from which he first emerged.

Shifted, Avian 1

While Shifted’s Mote Evolver release was reminiscent of new school artists like Samuli Kemppi and the Syndrome Z joint called to mind Detroit techno given a contemporary twist, this debut on Shifted’s own label teems with other possibilities.

Shifted, Reach

Release number two from Szare’s Syndrome Z imprint features yet another mystery producer, Shifted.