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Various Artists, The Aphotic Segments Part Two

The second EP in the Aphotic Segments series brings together Chris Mitchell and Tony Ollivierra with an offering from Patrice Scott as well.

LWE Podcast 129: Patrice Scott

Patrice Scott put together our 129th exclusive podcast; a faultless mix of late night house and techno that exhibits not only his supreme taste but also the underlying deepness that is inherent in his own productions.

Patrice Scott, Orbital Bliss

Orbital Bliss, the latest transmission from Patrice Scott’s own Sistrum label, exemplifies a style that seems like it’s trying to estimate celestial vastness.

Ksoul & Ra.H, Turning Point

[Sistrum Recordings] In a lot of contemporary deep house tracks I’ve heard, it seems percussion has taken a backseat to melodic arrangements in complexity and originality. Maybe it’s a subconscious reaction to mnml’s rhythmic focus and the genre’s present over saturation. Maybe chords are more satisfying or maybe it’s just easier to throw down a […]