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Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen / Madteo & Sensational, Redose-1

The first “redose” of Morphine is a two-tracker that sees Donato Dozzy rework Ra.H and Dynamo Dreesen’s “Spacepops” and Hieroglyphic Being take on “Freak Inspector” from Madteo’s label debut.

Aroy Dee, Beauty & Life

Beauty & Life finds Aroy Dee and remixer Ra.H playing to their strengths and coming up with three eminently enjoyable tracks for M>O>S Recordings.

Juju & Jordash, Quasi Quasi

Quasi Quasi almost seems to be goading DJs to try playing its nominally house beats, rewarding those brave enough to give it and all its wonderful weirdness a shot.

LWE Podcast 68: Morphosis

Focusing more on his music than its promotion, we were honored when Morphosis offered not only to answer our questions about his background and process, but also two exclusive podcasts to help draw the year to a close.

Ksoul & Ra.H, Turning Point

[Sistrum Recordings] In a lot of contemporary deep house tracks I’ve heard, it seems percussion has taken a backseat to melodic arrangements in complexity and originality. Maybe it’s a subconscious reaction to mnml’s rhythmic focus and the genre’s present over saturation. Maybe chords are more satisfying or maybe it’s just easier to throw down a […]