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Flying Lotus, Until The Quiet Comes

Doubling back after a series of increasingly intense musical statements, Flying Lotus offers up the somewhat inconsequential Until The Quiet Comes as his fourth album.

Flying Lotus, Pattern+Grid World

Where Flying Lotus’s 2010 album Cosmogramma was a spiritual space odyssey, the follow-up EP, Pattern+Grid World, is an altogether more rough and tumble, experimental set of tunes.

Brackles, Songs For Endless Cities

Techno, hip-hop, dubstep and funky all make appearances on Songs For Endless Cities and Brackles treats them all the same, creating one groove line throughout the hour.

LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Albums

So in the last six months, why have I, in my capacity as a dance music writer, been pitching reviews of dance albums week in and week out? I think it’s because I’ve noticed something funny happening with dance music albums.

Various Artists, Tectonic Plates Vol. 2

As I loaded Tectonic Plates Vol. 2 into my playlist, the artists who appeared one by one were a “who’s who” of dubstep producers who have made waves and splashes in the scene this year. Joker’s inclusion immediately caught my attention, and may do so for many people because of his recent Hyperdub debut. Also gracing the tracklist are heavyweights Benga and Skream, as well as a couple of LWE favorites, 2562 and Martyn kicking things off. Rounding out the compilation are then Flying Lotus, Moving Ninja, Peverlelist, Shed, and RSD. Last but not least and the one who facilitated this impressive lineup is Pinch, whose Tectonic label the compilation appears on.

Kode9, Black Sun/2 Far Gone

Probably the second-most-discussed thing about Hyperdub is Kode9’s versatility. If you evaluated this solely on the basis of his releases for the aforementioned label, it wouldn’t seem abundantly clear. That is, until December’s LD-team-up, “Bad/2 Bad,” a housed-up, UK garage workout that didn’t sound one thing like the slow-burning future dub of his Space Ape collaborations. But then, almost nothing from Hyperdub’s 2008 reprised the label’s lauded past.