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Little White Earbuds Interviews Africa Hitech

While touring the U.S. Africa Hitech found time to chat with LWE about their history, influences, working together, and what the future holds.

Zed Bias, Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth of the Nanocloud

Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth of the Nanocloud boasts 12 collaborators over the course of 18 tracks and it feels very much like a mixtape.

Global Communication, Back In The Box

Global Communication’s Back In The Box mix is essentially a look at what they were measuring themselves against and spinning during their burgeoning production years.

Africa HiTech, 93 Million Miles

Africa Hitech’s 93 Million Miles has one of the most unique arcs of any album in recent memory, a progression of sound that might best be described as backwards time travel, something the title alludes to.