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LWE 2Q Reports: Top 5 Downloads

2009: Another year, another plethora of podcasts. Lots of amazing freebies have come out since the beginning of the year, and though many of them are nothing to write home about, quite a few are really exceptional. In addition to LWE’s nifty collection, you’ve got mnml ssgs churning out heady techno gems on a weekly basis and RA raising the bar higher than ever before (DJ Koze’s podcast still hasn’t lost its magic). But really, who’s got time for all this? With each one at least an hour long and weighing something near 100mb, the sheer volume of content means a lot of great stuff just falls by the wayside. So to help you sort through all this noise, here are five mixes you won’t regret right-clicking and saving-as.

Terence Fixmer, Machine EP

It’s somewhat surprising “Machine EP” is the first time Terence Fixmer and Speedy J, two veterans of hard and fast techno, have worked with each other’s music. Both have churned out banging twelves since the early 90s and have a workman-like quality about their productions. Appropriately, Speedy’s recently launched Electric Deluxe imprint is the venue for their meeting, marking the first time another solo artist is featured there. Fans of either man will find much the EP pleasing if not surprising.