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Exclusive Download of the Week: Ka§par, Stella Maris (Bell Boys Mix)

This week’s exclusive download, Bell Boys’ remix of Ka§par’s “Stella Maris,” was an overlooked gem of 2013 which is available now for the first time in digital form.

Exclusive Download of the Week: Garrett David, The Pressure

This week’s exclusive download is “The Pressure,” a B side from Garrett David’s The Queen! Tracks released by Stripped & Chewed.

LWE Podcast 156: The Black Madonna

Standing as a shining example of how outsiders are the true insiders in dance music, LWE sat down with Veirge-Noire to discuss the paths that brought her here, why disco is so dear to her, and what the future holds for her.

The Black Madonna / Rahaan, We Don’t Need No Music (Thank You Rahaan) / On & On Pt 2

Built on a particular moment in Chicago house music history, The Black Madonna and Rahaan shape their sample source into two compelling new additions to it.