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LWE Podcast 86: Tazz

Tazz contributed a spirited mix for LWE’s 86th exclusive podcast, excerpted from a recent club set, which reflects his dynamic of tracky naivete and vivacious musicality.

Tazz, Underground 07 & 12

Underground 07 & 12 marks a first for the Montreal-based producer, stepping away from Jus-Ed’s label for a turn on the UK-based Tsuba Records.

Various Artists, Return of the Samurai Parts One & Two

Not yet a year since the release of the first “Tsuba Samurai EP”, the London house label offers up a sequel, “Return of the Samurai.” Though this two-part release brings a keeper to the bin, three remaining tracks are compilation fodder — representative, likable, but altogether unmemorable. Despite its too-restrained style, “Return of the Samurai” is altogether a practice in good taste.