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A5, Udacha 8

The five tracks of A5’s Udacha 8 are lacking not in drive but in much else to offer the listener trying to parse a groove from it.

Talking Shopcast with Udacha

Talking Shopcast 19 from A5 collects music from as far back as the ’60s, and mixing it with his label’s latest records via non-beatmatched fades and other unconventional devices. He doesn’t always program and mix this way, but he says, “I just wanted to record something which tells the weird story that I associate with our label.”

Various Artists, Udacha 6

True to the label’s ideals, parts of Udacha 6 feel genuinely improvised — a nice change to the rigidly-structured pieces we mostly hear.

Various Artists, Udacha 5

Udacha’s fifth release, like the four before it, shines the spotlight on a handful of unknown producers whose sounds slot handily into the Russian label’s catalog.

A5, Udacha 1

Udacha 1, the Udacha label’s inaugural release, finds A5 in as fresh a form as ever, following up those Rawax records with four abstract cuts.