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Talking Shopcast with Acid Test

LWE reached out to find out where Acid Test label owner Oliver Bristow is coming from and where he’s aiming to go. Acid Test’s most frequent artist (and LWE fave) Tin Man returns to add a killer exclusive DJ mix, as well — Talking Shopcast 21.

Talking Shopcast with Udacha

Talking Shopcast 19 from A5 collects music from as far back as the ’60s, and mixing it with his label’s latest records via non-beatmatched fades and other unconventional devices. He doesn’t always program and mix this way, but he says, “I just wanted to record something which tells the weird story that I associate with our label.”

Talking Shopcast with Don’t Be Afraid

LWE got in touch with Roth to talk about creating a successful label, where he discovered some of the new talent on DBA, and telling your heroes that you don’t like their work.

Talking Shopcast with Hypercolour

LWE got in touch with Hypercolour to talk about the rise of the label, fostering their talent and how they tackle the workload that eight different labels gives you. Alex Jones also put together Talking Shopcast 17, which provides a tantalizing peek at some upcoming Hypercolour and affiliated releases.

Talking Shopcast with Aim

LWE simply had to learn more by chatting with Tristen (with input from Aim’s graphic designer, Jan Kristof Lipp), who explained the label’s conceptual framework, its visual approach, and where the new X series fits into the imprint’s aesthetic remit. Tristen also contributed Talking Shopcast 16, a deeply hypnotic hour of house which goes a long way in explaining how his taste extrapolates into Aim’s particular sound.

Talking Shopcast with Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S)

Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.) is exemplary of the private press label renaissance of recent years. LWE sat down with Morelli to discuss the label’s prolific last year and future plans, his straightforward A&R choices, and his feelings on New York’s contemporary club scene. He also contributed Talking Shopcast 15, an effortlessly diverse and eminently replayable mix recorded before his shift at A1 Records.

Talking Shopcast 08: Anthony Parasole is archived this week

LWE’s eighth Talking Shopcast, mixed by Anthony Parasole, was a fusion of drum-thumping house music and tracks that kept listeners on their toes and dancing.

Talking Shopcast 07: Szare is archived this week

LWE’s seventh Talking Shopcast, mixed by Szare, was a diverse blend of techno with a heavy helping of their own as-yet-unreleased material. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, January 6th.

Talking Shopcast with Crème Organization

Crème Organization is heading into it’s second decade, so LWE figured it was about time we got to know a little more about this South Holland institution. Label head Jeroen, aka DJ TLR, shed a bit of light on the label and in the process provided our 13th Talking Shopcast — one heavy in unreleased Crème-y goodness.

Talking Shopcast 06: Kez YM is archived this week

LWE’s sixth Talking Shopcast was an hour of lush, funky house by Japanese producer and Yore affiliate Kez YM. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, December 2nd.

Talking Shopcast with 100% Silk

With 100% Silk standing as one of 2011’s major developments, LWE called label owner Amanda Brown to discuss the label’s origins, its aesthetics, and its future. LWE also commissioned Magic Touch to represent the label with a mix, and his selection is an energetic exploration of classic sounds, with some original edits and new material to boot.

Talking Shopcast with Delsin

LWE caught up with Marsel van der Wielen to reflect on the long, strange journey Delsin has taken and where he sees it leading to next. We also drafted Delsin/Ann Aimee signing Delta Funktionen to mix together Talking Shopcast 10 as a special treat.

Talking Shopcast with Planet E

While other producers and labels have come and gone, Carl Craig and Planet E have forged a path ever forward, pushing themselves and their art to uncharted territory. Carl was kind enough to talk to LWE about what makes his twenty year old record label tick, and offered valuable insight into some of his other projects outside of Planet E. He also drafted Monty Luke to compile Talking Shopcast 09, an exclusive mix of Planet E works.

Talking Shopcast with Underground Quality

For the eighth edition of our Talking Shopcast series we visited Bridgeport, CT, home of Jus-Ed and his Underground Quality label. We also provide an exclusive mix by Anthony Parasole, Deconstruct Label boss and one of New York’s finest DJs.

Talking Shopcast with Frozen Border/Horizontal Ground

Eschewing personality in favor of strict quality control has helped both Frozen Border and its more varied sibling Horizontal Ground stand out among swarms of white label imprints. Their owner, Jeff, was relatively guarded in his answers but shed a bit more light on one of contemporary techno’s darker corners. He was also generous enough to send us a top notch live set by Horizontal Ground artist (aka Szare), which speaks just as loudly as Jeff’s carefully chosen words.

Talking Shopcast with Yore Records

In the interview below, Vaz discusses Yore’s goals and values, minimal and deep, and the potential value of adding friends on MySpace. To “deepen” your understanding of the label, we’re extremely pleased to host an exclusive mix from Kez YM, featuring music from Yore comrades, influences, and contemporaries.

Talking Shopcast with Ostgut Ton

For our fifth volume we focus on arguably Berlin’s hottest label, Ostgut Ton. It’s difficult to describe the label’s meteoric rise to the top of the pile without lapsing into hyperbole, as it evolved rapidly from merely Berghain/Panorama Bar’s label wing to a dominant force in underground dance music in roughly four years. In that short time, Ostgut Ton has helped make stars of Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Cassy, Shed, Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, and almost anyone else who earns one of its coveted catalog numbers. Each must-purchase release pushes house and techno forward in a way few labels can claim without letting the success go their heads. With that in mind, we picked label manager Nick Höppner’s brain about the label’s sound, its future, and even a tip for getting past Berghain’s bouncers. In case that’s not enough, we’ve also procured an exclusive and incredibly deep mix from Panorama Bar resident, Steffi.

Talking Shopcast with Diamonds & Pearls Music

Number four brings us to the eclectic and far-reaching Diamonds & Pearls Music, a distributor, record label and production studio in one. DnP has taken its time releasing records, selecting a coterie of top notch producers to fill its diverse slabs, such as Henrik Schwarz, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Matthew Styles, tobias., Efdemin and more. DnP is also responsible for getting records from Mikrodisko, Beatstreet, Contentismissing, Enliven Music, Pastamusik and many more in shops around the world. All three of DnP’s founders were gracious enough to answer our questions; and although they insisted on relative anonymity, it didn’t stop them from giving us one of our best Talking Shopcasts yet. To top things off, Efdemin crafted an exceptional exclusive mix (available below) that might make it difficult to sit still long enough to read the interview.

Talking Shopcast with Echocord

This time we’re examining one label that’s been prominent in dub techno’s popular renewal, Denmark’s Echocord. Founded in 2002 by Kenneth Christiansen, a staple of Copenhagen’s record shops and renowned DJ, Echocord proved a launching pad for Mikkel Metal and hub for Quantec, Rod Modell, Trentemøller, Brendon Moeller, Fairmont and more. In 2008 it gave birth to Echocord Colour, a vibrant new series of releases on, you guessed it, cherished colored vinyl. We talked with Mr. Christiansen about Echocord’s origins, why its records stand out, and his predictions for the future of dub techno. He’s also provided us with an excellent exclusive mix of recent and long time favorites.

Talking Shopcast with echospace [detroit]

Welcome to the twelfth edition of our series of interviews and mixes affectionately titled Talking Shopcast. The majority of media and fan attention gets showered on the artists who create the music we love to listen to/DJ with/dance to, and for good reasons. But without the hard work, keen ears and business savvy of label […]