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LWE Podcast 126: Tomas Barfod

LWE caught up with Barfod about the necessity of playing live, his new project The Circle, and his relationship to the under- and overground electronic music scenes. The long-time DJ also created LWE’s 126th exclusive podcast, one which places his own sound into context as it raises listeners’ pulses and gets feet tapping.

Tomas Barfod, Salton Sea

Tomas Barfod’s second album, Salton Sea, succeeds where many have failed by offering an engaging slate of songs rendered with a seamless mixture of techno’s electronic pulse and organic instrumentation.

Download of the Week: Tomas Barfod, November Skies

This week’s download is a standout moment from Tomas Barfod’s forthcoming album, Salton Sea.

Download this: WhoMadeWho, The Plot (The Mole remix)

Although The Mole’s productions rarely step outside the comfy confines of house and techno, his often loop-centric style seems at home with less electronic source material. So our ears perked up when we heard he was joining French merrymakers Nôze and Discodeine in remixing the latest from Danish dance-punks WhoMadeWho. His thick and hoary take plays up the track’s foreboding mood with scores of textural elements: shards of metal percussion, hollowed out vocals, sucked in breaths, and tense melodies whining in the background. You might not hear this one caned in clubs near you, but don’t be surprised if you get sucked into its sonic cyclone for a few repeat spins.