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LWE’s Top 25 Tracks of 2013 (5–1)

Little White Earbuds September Charts

01. The Mole, “Lockdown Party” (Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama) [Perlon]
02. Spaventi Dazzuro, “Lonely” (Crunchy Club Mix) [M>O>S Recordings]
03. Stingray 313, “NKKK4_2” [[NakedLunch]]
04. Pegasus Heat, “Yum Yum” (Ike Release Gummi Remix) [Episodes]
05. HNNY, “Mys” [Let’s Play House]
06. Julius Steinhoff, “You Collect Secrets”
[Live At Robert Johnson]
07. BNJMN, “CVRD” [Rush Hour Recordings]
08. Hugh Mane, “Hard To Finish If You’re Finish” [Running Back]
09. Terrence Parker Feat. Reno Ka, “Finally” (Louie Vega Remix) [Planet E]
10. Credit 00, “East of Nowhere” [Uncanny Valley]

LWE Podcast 169: The Mole

In an interview that tackled the big issues like childhood dreams, mustaches, paddle boards and classic Canadian rock, we felt a little bit closer to unraveling the enigma that is The Mole. He was also kind enough to put together our 169th exclusive podcast, a fifty minute journey of faultless house music that takes in some of his favorite tracks of the moment.

Various Artists, Panorama Bar 04

Even sans the prestigious name to boosting them, the Panorama Bar exclusives records remain sterling examples of taste. This one features The Mole, Dexter, Matthew Styles, and Jon McMillion.

Little White Earbuds July Charts 2012

01. Policy, “One Last Time” [Rush Hour Recordings]
02. Storm Queen, “Let’s Make Mistakes” [Environ]
03. Lauer, “Boringtone” [Running Back]
04. The Mole, “Hippy Speedball” [Ostgut Ton]
05. Dara, “Scribble Me This” [Klein Reise Records]
06. Cooly G, “Come Into My Room” [Hyperdub]
07. Nor’Easter, “Tri-State” [The Corner]
08. D’Marc Cantu, “Green Bike Seat” [M>O>S/Delsin]
09. Juju & Jordash, “Jewsex” [Golf Channel Recordings]
10. Leon Vynehall, “Golden Language” [ManMakeMusic]

The Mole Presents Guilty Pleasures, Family/Rotation

With a veritable glut of disco-tinged tracks raining down on 2009 like The Weather Girls’ beefy protagonists, it would have been easy to pass much of it off as sound-alike twaddle, and of course within any popular music trend it would be fair to do so. The Mole’s scant few releases last year showed he was in no trouble of falling into that camp though, as is the case with this collaboration of sorts with Guilty Pleasures. It’s hard to say how much of a hand the producers behind Guilty Pleasures (including Tyger Dhula and Danuel Tate of Cobblestone Jazz) played a part in these two tracks, sounding as they do like vintage works from The Mole, though their credits are listed so we can only assume that input was shared.

Cobblestone Jazz, Traffic Jam EP

After what seems like a lengthy hiatus (at the current release rate, two years in the house/techno 12″ market feels more like 10) and lukewarm reviews of their debut album, 23 Seconds, Cobblestone Jazz’s return makes no apologies for directness. The band’s penchant for improvisation is a driving force in their creative process and always features heavily in their live performances, but with the “Traffic Jam EP” there is less jazz spontaneity on display and more techno fundamentals at work. The trio makes use of programming assistance from occasional band partner, The Mole, from The Modern Deep Left Quartet. Where their previous collaboration resulted in raw house experimentalism, this EP doesn’t pussyfoot around.

Download this: WhoMadeWho, The Plot (The Mole remix)

Although The Mole’s productions rarely step outside the comfy confines of house and techno, his often loop-centric style seems at home with less electronic source material. So our ears perked up when we heard he was joining French merrymakers Nôze and Discodeine in remixing the latest from Danish dance-punks WhoMadeWho. His thick and hoary take plays up the track’s foreboding mood with scores of textural elements: shards of metal percussion, hollowed out vocals, sucked in breaths, and tense melodies whining in the background. You might not hear this one caned in clubs near you, but don’t be surprised if you get sucked into its sonic cyclone for a few repeat spins.

The Mole, For the Lost

[Internasjonal] For his first release of 2009, Colin de la Plante heads from his native Canada further north to Norway and Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal imprint, home of many slices of cosmic space disco goodness. While the sound and construction are consistent with The Mole’s recent work, there is a nod to Thomas’ style, as well […]

Download: Live PA from The Mole

Download: Live PA from The Mole (32:58) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] If you’ve wondered what it might sound like for The Mole to lasso an audience with his fantastic elastic loops, feast your ears on this 33 minute live set from Colin de la Plante. Details on his gig at Fabric, Sept. […]

The Mole, As High As the Sky

[Wagon Repair] The adjective I keep reaching for when describing The Mole’s debut album, As High as the Sky, is “minimal,” even though I feel guilty of a misnomer. There’s nothing sparse about it; and even though the changes are slight, there is definite forward movement coursing through many of its 11 filled out tracks. […]

Little White Earbuds April Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist 01. DJ Bone, “Sect 1” [Sect Records] (buy) This enigmatic three tracker defies placement in space and time, with a sound well versed in classic methods but as fresh as anything else out there. Here’s hoping whoever sent “Sect 1” to me is prepared to share its wealth with a […]