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LWE’s Guide to Alpha-ville Festival 2011

Check out LWE’s guide to Alpha-ville Festival 2011 and win a pair of tickets to see Matthew Dear, Kangding Ray, Anstam, Jennifer Cardini and more.

M.A.N.D.E.A.R., Buddies

The spirit of fun (and perhaps some other substances) must have been in the air when Matthew Dear and DJ duo M.A.N.D.Y. recorded “Buddies.”

Matthew Dear, Black City

Black City, Matthew Dear’s fourth album, often feels like a series of deeply personal vignettes conjoined by a few widescreen thrillers.

Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear, Hurt

Sometimes you read about collaborations happening in the music industry and they’re almost impossible for your little ears to comprehend. What would really happen if two heavyweights like Prince and David Bowie collided in the studio? What if Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston finally had a musical purging of all their love and talent in a duet? Seeing Seth Troxler and Mathew Dear on the same ticket didn’t quite dredge up the mind boggling fascination of a Prince/Bowie merger or the morbid fascination of a Brown/Houston team up, but I admit there was a fair amount of due anticipation to hear their result.

A Degenerate Round Up

Photo by Dave Surgan (ObsceneNYC) This past weekend Made Events served up Sunday School for Degenerates, a 26-hour clubbing marathon which left many with sore limbs, ringing ears and fewer brain cells, yet ultimately quite happy. While I can’t say I was in attendance the entire time (this Chicagoan rarely gets to club for five […]

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Matthew Dear has released “Don’t Go This Way,” a spare track from the Asa Breed sessions, for free on the blog/label hybrid RCRD LBL. Last night I helped my friend Tyler Grisham write Pitchfork’s Forkcast post for the tune, which you can read here.

LWE’s Top 50 Tracks of 2007

01. Matthew Dear, “Don & Sherri” [Ghostly International] (buy) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Picking my favorite track from Asa Breed was no small task, but “Don & Sherri” emerged as the winner because it combines all of Matthew Dear’s varied facets in one brief tune. He unabashedly revels in the weird (both […]

LWE’s Top 20 Albums of 2007

01. Matthew Dear, Asa Breed [Ghostly International] (buy) Each release from Matthew Dear reveals something new about this multi-faceted producer, and Asa Breed, his second full-length album as MD, was hugely revelatory. The depth, heft and pop sensibilities of Dear’s songwriting are on full display, and for it, Asa Breed stands tall over all its […]

LWE Interviews Matthew Dear

A couple months ago I was watching television and suddenly, the loping beat of “Don & Sherri,” a single by Matthew Dear, bounded from my set. Before I knew it, I was on my feet and wiggling to one of my favorite tunes… as H3 Hummers zoomed around urban landscapes and tackled rugged terrain. But why was I elated to find Dear’s music in a Hummer commercial? In a consumer culture where record sales are constantly eaten away by illicit downloading, an artist as talented as Matthew Dear doesn’t wait for the masses to catch on in order to make a living. As it is, he’s been releasing records for nearly a decade, having contributed to the first Ghostly International and Spectral Sound releases around the turn of the century. Within that time, Dear spawned three fruitful and separate careers as False (his minimal house and techno guise recording for Plus 8 and M_nus), Audion (a harder, more aggressive techno persona recording for Spectral Sound) and as himself.