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LWE Podcast 158: Brendon Moeller is archived this week

LWE Podcast 158, mixed by Brendon Moeller, was a stunning hour of techno ranging from the ethereal to the menacing, the tripped-out to the industrial. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, February 28th.

Various Artists, Earth Tones 5

Soul People Music boss Fred P. curates one of these EPs every year, but in 2013 we’re being treated to two, this one featuring Beat Pharmacy, Esther Duijn, Lapien, and Fred himself.

LWE Podcast 158: Brendon Moeller

LWE got in touch with Brendon Moeller to find out more about his label, what’s exciting him in his studio right now and the joys of playing live. He also put together our 158th podcast, a stunning hour of techno ranging from the ethereal to the menacing, the tripped out to the industrial. Download it now and feel your weekend kick back in.

Various Artists, Dispatches From The Bubble

Moeller’s new series on his Steadfast label gathers together tracks from four different techno pundits, each with their own particular take on dance floor techno.

Brendon Moeller, Works

Works, Brendon Moeller’s second album under his own name, is his most fully functional and floor-ready set to date, an excitingly widescreen, ambitious, and mature LP.

Echologist, Subterranean

The second Echologist album, Subterranean, explores the possibilities of forgoing most of the kicks and snares often associated with dub techno.

Furesshu, Downstate

Downstate feels like the start of a promising new phase for Steadfast, and the fact that it’s being triggered by a producer like Furesshu says a lot for the English producer’s range, dexterity, and bright future.

Manaboo, Delinquent/SB Massive

Immerse ends 2010 in typically unpredictable style with a techno single by Manaboo, better known as Brendon Moeller and Shigeru Tanabu.

Brendon Moeller, Close Up EP

With the Close Up EP, Brendon Moeller’s dub strains help bring Ann Aimee a littler closer to the label’s roots.

The Echologist, Slow Burn EP

“Slow Burn” is naturally ebullient; its rounded chords and breathing, spatial atmospherics chart the hopeful beauty you’d expect to find on an Intrusion release.

Manaboo, Unhuh

It’s getting to be full-time work keeping tabs on Brendon Moeller these days. Spread over his assorted monikers, he issued at least eight records of new material in 2009. Cohort Shigeru Tanabu has conducted himself a bit more discretely, though he did notch a soaring, string-laden peak time record with Wave Music early last year, and followed it with the loose “Jazzin'” for Apt. International. Originally a guitarist, he’s also made numerous contributions to Moeller’s Beat Pharmacy records, but Manaboo presumably brings the duo’s collaboration to full interactive fruition, the label press release emphasizing an engagement of their shared enthusiasm for jazz. Don’t let track titles like “Blutrane” mislead you, though; techno and house are the crucial touchstones here.

Brendon Moeller, The Big Thrill

Moeller’s latest takes the echoey atmospheres from last year’s “Electricity” EP and injects them with some big-room steroidal girth, resulting in muscular late-night dub techno. Besides flushed and sweeping filters, the means to providing the “Big Thrill” in question seems to be a very prominently mixed low end, particularly the bass, a face-slapper rough with grizzly saturation. It’s thunderous bass that yearns to be free, a brown-note floor-rattler so forceful that home listeners (who will doubtlessly enjoy “The Big Thrill” there, as well) will have to acknowledge they’re missing the full experience imparted in a club.

Little White Earbuds August Charts

Chart courtesy of The Economist. 01. Matthew Styles, “We Said Nothing” [Diamonds & Pearls] (buy) So far I’ve managed to look past Matthew Styles despite the sheen of buzz around him, but “We Said Nothing,” the lead cut from an EP of the same name, is utterly impossible to ignore. The dense and flashy percussion […]

A Degenerate Round Up

Photo by Dave Surgan (ObsceneNYC) This past weekend Made Events served up Sunday School for Degenerates, a 26-hour clubbing marathon which left many with sore limbs, ringing ears and fewer brain cells, yet ultimately quite happy. While I can’t say I was in attendance the entire time (this Chicagoan rarely gets to club for five […]

Win tickets to Fabric’s Deep Space night

This Saturday, June 7th, Francois K and Brendon Moeller are packing their gear into the spaceship to bring NYC’s Deep Space night to London club extraordinaire, Fabric. Moeller (as Beat Pharmacy) will be performing with MC Spaceape in anticipation of his forthcoming dub protest album. And if that wasn’t enough, Prosumer, Murat Tepeli and their […]

LWE Interviews Brendon Moeller

Many musicians end up moving to New York City to boost their career and get closer the signature sounds which prodded them to play music in the first place. But it’s a bit rarer to find an artist whose love for the feedback-laden outlook of the No Wave scene leads them to switch continents and […]

Brendon Moeller, One Man’s Junk

[Third Ear Recordings] A lot of modern dub techno practitioners, especially during this recent popularity boom, tend to rely too heavily on the play books written by the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction family and not enough on their own ingenuity. South African ex-pat and long-time NYC resident has never seemed too bound to that template as […]