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DJ Koze, Amygdala Remixes II

Following reworks by Matthew Herbert and Efdemin, the second shift crew of Roman Flügel and Robag Wruhme continue to wring magic from DJ Koze’s originals at the same high caliber as their predecessors.

Robag Wruhme, Donnerkuppel

Those who expected Wruhme’s last single of 2011, Donnerkuppel, to trundle down a similarly easy going path as his album were in for a big (albeit pleasant) surprise.

Robag Wruhme, Abusus Adde

They may not happen with the greatest frequency but one thing is assured upon tracking down a new Robag Wruhme release — you will be entertained. The veteran producer has a knack of injecting his tracks with a certain buoyancy and mirth that few others manage to conjure with each successive release. The latest on Vakant, “Abusus Adde,” finds Mr. Schablitzki in top maniacal form, with three cuts that not only prove to be weighty peak time contenders but also remind you dance music is meant to be fun.