George FitzGerald, Silhouette EP

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As with almost any genre tag, describing something as “bass music” seems to mean much less now than it did when producers first tried to distance themselves from the name dubstep. Initially it was just a different umbrella to stand under, one not affiliated with the wobbling, laddish strain that trades as dubstep these days. By now many are chafing at the term. Others such as Joy Orbison, Lone, SCB, and George FitzGerald simply pen tracks as closely aligned with house music as their jungle/garage influences. Alongside Hotflush Recordings, Aus Music have tapped this vein of UK house, if you will, with great interest. Their latest record, the Silhouette EP, brings together a growing talent in this field, FitzGerald, and another fan of asymmetric house, John Roberts.

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The title track is proof of how few boundaries actually exist in between these subdivided genres. FitzGerald again employs synth timbres that wash and reflect like dub chords found in more traditional dubstep, while its rhythmic frame reads as brisk, syncopated house not weighed down by an emphasis on bass. Misty pads and persistent chord stabs crash against androgynous vocals that provide levity and space as they float across drum breaks. John Roberts retrofits “Silhouette” with blown out, woozy parts for a memorable remix that could effectively be called bass music. The blitz of kick drums, clap clusters and tumbling, overdriven bass notes would be almost too much if not for his deft use of space. The differently pitched vocals, whether chattering over warped synth lines or slurring over a somber piano break, are an enormous asset as well. The EP closes on “Reset,” which with its looped vocal backbone is a direct descendent of FitzGerald’s Back and 4th contribution, “We Bilateral.” The interweaving patterns and warm, unobtrusive synth lines are a pleasing backdrop on which female vocals seeking “a new beginning” unfurl. Like the title track it’s an enjoyable fusion of well-explored sounds, although it might be the superior FitzGerald cut. Together with Roberts’ inventive remix, the Silhouette EP is a compelling record for a diverse crowd of house music fans.


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