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Although they recently admitted to us that their tracks, composed of a lot of “low-volume layers,” are more complicated than they appear, Jonsson/Alter’s Mod LP seems perfectly suited for remixes. Its seven tracks glide by on those deceptively simple layers, offering a wealth of sounds to be toyed with. Still, it’s surely no small feat finding remixers who could complement the duo’s delicate constructions. Move D turned in an outstanding mix of “En Livfull Skildring” last year, and for Mod Mixes Kontra-Musik have managed to match his caliber.

The A-side is taken up by Minilogue’s 12-and-a-half minute “Will Of Wind” mix of “Kyrka 2.0.” The duo use the original’s serenely soaring pads as a jump-off point for a crisp, techy rhythm and filtered acid squelches. It does a solid job of retaining the original’s mood, and while its length might seem to prescribe an epic experimental version, it’s actually quite straightforward and floor friendly. On the flip, Donato Dozzy contributes a mix of “Acapellan.” Although his name is so frequently attached to a dark, menacing style of techno, large swaths of his catalog — and here the recent Voices From The Lake LP is as fitting a reference as any — are peaceful and slow burning. His remix follows suit, with the original’s vocal drones acting as perfect foils for a sashaying bass line that recalls Tullio De Piscopo’s Balearic classic “Primavera (Stop Bajon).” As usual, Dozzy uses an incredibly subtle progression, and thanks to that, the track’s meditative, summery mood remains in pristine stasis. If there’s a midpoint between the two prior mixes, Dorisburg’s rendition of “Djup House” certainly comes close. It’s given a similar uptempo swing to their recent track “Transform,” but the gracefully shifting pads and slightly wonky bass line are pure tributes to the original. At once spectrally trippy and primed for the floor, it summates — in Dorisburg terms, of course — what makes Mod such a special album in the first place.

Abu Hassan  on April 20, 2012 at 4:54 AM



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