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The last Juju & Jordash record on Golf Channel featured a track called “Chelm is Burning,” displayed wartime images of refugees on the sleeve, soundtracked a famous silent horror film, and confronted Zionism while pondering the existence of the duo’s homeland of Israel. Their follow up on that label has a Matzah background, a Hamantaschen that looks (without a shred of ambiguity) like a vagina, a loaf of challah like an erect penis, and is titled Jewsex. Taking a break from the serious themes of their Unleash the Golem series, “Jewsex” is not only heavy on the visual humor: it’s one of the brightest, most upfront tracks the duo have ever issued. Instead of a war-torn town in eastern Poland, “Jewsex” takes place on the beaches of Miami or Tel Aviv. The 707 gets a workout while sporting lime green spandex, the Italo bass line flanges its way down the beach, and bright neon synth sounds blare down from every corner. As usual, the “live” aspect of Juju & Jordash’s music gives it a far more immediate composition than its grid-locked contemporaries.

However, it’s on the flipside where Jewsex really shines, in the form of the “Clubsex” and “Dubsex” versions. “Clubsex” focuses on the bass line, removing most of the melodic flourishes of the original and wringing as much tension as it can with its more straightforward house grooves. The pick of the litter is “Dubsex,” though, which dubs out the percussion in suitably trippy fashion and whose non-linearity can feel both baffling and rewarding. While Juju & Jordash certainly pull of the bronzer and Speedo of the A-side, it’s when they feel free to indulge their stranger tendencies that their music takes us off the beach and somewhere even more compelling. With an album of weirdo grooves on Dekmantel on the way and the Golem series to wrap up, the levity of Jewsex is a welcome showcase of the duo’s more dance floor friendly side, and further cements their current status as one of house’s most interesting production teams.


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