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Witness the power of the techno blogosphere: After seven years of releasing music as Object, Vanno and now his own name, Belgian producer and DJ Peter Van Hoesen has recently seen a sharp uptick in his stock. His contribution to Modyfier’s Process series (of which I am an alumnus) grabbed quite few ears with its proto-techno selection, not least of which belonged to the mnml ssgs crew. Add the anointing measure of a Phil Sherburne’s remix of “L.O.C.,” and Hoesen’s long journey through glitchy, experimental sounds seems to have finally reached a summit of recognition. With my peers on the record and the alluring bonus of Norman Nodge’s first remix, the timing seems right to check out Hoesen’s latest, the “Trusted EP.”

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Whereas “L.O.C.” was too thin and mincing for my tastes, Hoesen’s latest cuts derive their strength from bass bins for a beefier sound. Like an idling Mack truck, “New Territory” grumbles in off-kilter rhythms as anxious tones swoop down into the fray. Its ambitious sound design utilizes every spare inch of stereo headspace, but its timid percussive shuffle leaves the track a bit shy for dance floor use. Considerably more mobile, “Trusted” exists for Berghain-like settings; pitting dungeon bass lines against a rising tide of airy pitches and Detroit-influenced stabs, Hoesen’s deft arrangement leaves audiences the winners. The most straightforward selection comes from Mr. Nodge, who pushes much of the bass underground and unties tangled melodic wisps to glide among skittering, delayed rhythms and pointed percussion (see also: Shackleton). Recent hype aside, PVH’s latest satisfies and plays a gracious host to Berghain’s favorite lawyer.

Johannes  on June 18, 2008 at 3:15 AM

i’ve see him live!
great performer!
j. from belgium

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