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Peter Van Hoesen, Perceiver

Perceiver is a slow-paced and multifaceted slow-burner that represents some of his most fully realized and melodically complex work, containing a measured dose of expertly driven techno that will sate the headstrong.

Dario Zenker, Cat Stance

Cat Stance is Dario Zenker’s second appearance on Peter Van Hoesen’s Time To Express label, and like the first, it comes bolstered with a remix from the proprietor himself.

Sendai, Geotope

Geotope is the middle ground between the visceral impact of Sendai members Van Hoesen’s best work and De Mey’s intricate sonic structures.

Peter Van Hoesen, Variable Parts EP

Free. In whatever digital format you like. Possibilities like these make me question the very purpose of reviewing such a release. “Is this record good enough for me to shell out the money to buy it?” LWE generally hope to provide such answers. But here you’re being treated by Peter Van Hoesen to three reworks of his tunes, as well as a new one, for no cost at all. So whether I’m telling you if this release is worth your time, giving Van Hoesen a thumbs up or simply sharing my thoughts on a new record, you, dear reader, should be picking this one up and making your own judgments even if I determined it were terrible. But being the work of Van Hoesen, it most certainly is not.

Peter Van Hoesen, Attribute One EP

Whether by coincidence or design, Peter Van Hoesen seemed blessed with good timing in 2008. After spending the better part of the decade producing as Object and Vanno to little fanfare, the Belgian producer suddenly found an enthusiastic audience for the brawny techno cuts released under his own name on his own label, Time to Express, and Lan Music. Berghain residents Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Norman Nodge were all noted fans, the audiences they decimated with his tracks were just as keen, and he easily topped LWE’s breakout artists list. Van Hoesen seems poised to leave his mark on 2009 as well, starting with the “Attribute One EP.”

Peter Van Hoesen, Trusted EP

[Time To Express] Witness the power of the techno blogosphere: After seven years of releasing music as Object, Vanno and now his own name, Belgian producer and DJ Peter Van Hoesen has recently seen a sharp uptick in his stock. His contribution to Modyfier’s Process series (of which I am an alumnus) grabbed quite few […]