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Hitsafe, Acid Dreams EP

Hitsafe, established producers operating under an enigmatic new moniker, make a compelling argument for the return of acid with their Acid Dreams EP on new label Shaddock Records.

LWE Podcast 78: Tin Man

LWE checked in with Tin Man to find out what we did to deserve this sudden bounty of music, why he won’t be settling into a multi-release deal anytime soon, and what sounds and places inform his inimitable body of work. He also contributed LWE’s 78th podcast, a mix of his own tracks that provides a jaw-dropping preview of his forthcoming material.

Ricardo Miranda, Black Acid

There is no shortage of tracks named acid-something-or-another, and when you pick a title like “Black Acid,” you’re generally promising your listeners at least a twisting 303 line and some hand claps. Ricardo Miranda’s effort bears these hallmarks but doesn’t extend much further, a track with all the standard acid elements and little panache to back them up. Nevertheless, the Chicago producer sandbags by giving Danny “Legowelt” Wolfers the flip, who ably demonstrates how not to abide by rigid titular ambitions, delivering a haunting, hypnotic remix that ends up being far more lysergic than most studies of the genre.