Hitsafe, Acid Dreams EP

[Shaddock Records]

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Acid seems to be making a comeback in dance music although the reasons behind its return are up for debate. You could argue that it never went away, and certainly many (including yours truly) are happy to see producers pulling out their 303s again. Hitsafe, a duo of established producers operating under an enigmatic new moniker, make a compelling argument for the return of the squelchy sounds with their Acid Dreams EP on new label Shaddock Records. “Let The Acid Out” pairs a subdued 303 line with jacking 707 percussion for some immediately retro vibes. Narration about “letting the acid out” and how our narrator “saw the things that acid could do to you” complete the picture. “Dreams of Love and Dreams” uses the 303 as a perky bass line, its flattened piano and organ chords providing rhythmic support as much as tone color.

If you’re going to make an acid themed record, you can’t do much better in the remixer department than Tin Man. It seems after a couple of releases exploring more downtempo music, the Vienna-based producer has once again caught the acid bug that made its mark on his early records as well. Tin Man adds his own vocals to “Let the Acid Out,” hitting some high notes on “aceeeeeeiid” with plenty of extra 303s in tow, resulting in one of my favorite tracks so far this year. Newcomer Isis takes on “Dreams of Love and Dreams” by smoothing the whole thing out with some modern technology, resulting in a driving, new school take on Hitsafe’s decidedly old school original. With such a strong first record, vinyl buyers should be sure to lookout for what Shaddock has planned for the future.

Hakim  on April 1, 2011 at 10:43 AM

Yeah, I like this remix, those chord stabs are so house..

Blaktony  on April 1, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Always had a thing 4 acid (never really knew why),then i saw this one kid lose it while i was tweekin’ the shit out of a EA-1 (blew my mind & his). It’s just something about the vibe….like this tune; great chords,construction,retro flavors….my fav 2,really nice.

Joseph Hallam  on April 3, 2011 at 9:42 PM

This review(and the full track preview) has swung it for me. I’ve been close to buying it for a while now and this review has sealed the deal. Tin Man’s vocals and that extra chord riff KILL IT!


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