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Serious Trouble, Serious Trouble

Serious Trouble, German producer Benedikt Frey’s new self-released 12”, is a distinct and divergent release.

LWE Podcast 184: Benedikt Frey

LWE quizzed Benedikt Frey on his approach to music making, if having his own label gives him more freedom in what he releases, and whether we are likely to see a full length album from him soon. He also gave us our 184th exclusive podcast made up of scintillating exclusives and forthcoming tracks that shows his mastery in the studio also extends to the DJ booth.

Benedikt Frey, Seven Corridors

Seven Corridors, the second release on Benedikt Frey’s own imprint, Love Pain Sunshine & Rain, contains some of his most intrepid work yet — a wealth of textures and unpredictably shifting grooves.

Benedikt Frey, Running In Circles

From the fresh-faced Benedikt Frey — who cut his debut record at the start of this year — Running in Circles shows off two distinct facets of his musical personality.